A traditional family? I’m good with that.

Dear future baby(ies),

Traditions are really important. They make a family unique. They create memories. They give you something to look forward to year after year.

I promise you that we will have a lot of traditions in our household. Some have been passed down from your grandparents and some we’ll think up on our own. Some will be accidental and others with be intentional. There will be big traditions that only happen once a year and little ones that we celebrate everyday.

Here are a few that I know we’ll certainly incorporate into your life:

From time to time, you will be bombarded with “hot laundry,” fresh from the dryer.  This is one of your daddy’s favorite memories as a kid and every time he does laundry (which is WAY more than other daddies, by the way), he tackles me on the bed with a huge pile of hot laundry. There’s no place quite as safe or comforting as lying on the bottom of a haystack with your dad on top and warm, freshly laundered clothing between you.

I hate to say it because I dreaded the sound of their names as a kid but when you break the rules, you will be threatened with a trip to Bertha Butt and the Butt Sister’s house. I made the mistake of doing something really bad once and found myself sitting in front of the scariest house in our neighborhood, (which just so happened to be their house as well) promising I’d never do it again. Your cousin, Mikela, even spoke to Bertha Butt on the phone on one unfortunate occasion. Here’s hoping you are a perfect angel and never have a run in with Bertha or her malformed sisters.

With your dad’s mathematical brilliance and my sense of style, we will build the best damn forts in town. We will never buy any sort of fancy over-priced “fort making” toys marketed to those without imagination. Instead, ours will be homemade complete with sheets, pillows, windows, and a door. And, you will be allowed to sleep in them every night if you’d like. I have a feeling Lola will even stand guard at the entry for you.

We will celebrate the entire month of your birthday. Birthdays are a really big deal and deserve way more than one day of fun, hence the introduction of the “birthday month” celebration. What we do will be different every year but they will always include little gifts and surprises from the first day to the last day of the month. You will also help us celebrate each other’s birthday months because there’s nothing better than being “in” on the surprise for someone else.

You will send handwritten correspondence – and if you’re a boy, that’s no excuse because your daddy sends handwritten thank you notes all the time. Email, text message, and Facebook are unacceptable ways to thank someone (and yes, I realize that by the time you’re old enough to use these forms of technology they will be completely outdated). It feels really good to get a note or card in the mail because it means somebody spent a few minutes of time thinking about you and believe it or not, it feels even better to send them. Your mommy loves sending handwritten notes so we’ll write ours together and for all sorts of reasons – to say thank you, happy birthday, congratulations, I love you, I’m sorry, and especially “just because.”

And the biggest tradition of all that you can count on is that we’ll definitely break the rules sometimes. There will be days where you’ll have dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. We’ll play music louder than we should and dance like goofballs on Friday nights. Lola will definitely be allowed to sleep in your bed (when you’re not ALL sleeping in ours, that is.) When you’re a teenager and you ask to try alcohol, we’ll let you have a glass of wine – with us, at the dinner table. You’ll watch tv, stay up later than other kid’s, and eat sugar cereals because guess what? None of those things will kill you! But you have to promise not to tell your friends because their parents will hate us.

I hope that you’ll love traditions as much as we do and I fully expect you’ll dream up plenty of your own to share with our little family. Maybe you’ll even pass some down to your own family some day – but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. 

Loving you always,


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