Mondo Bongo

With Mike’s trip to Brazil scheduled at the most inopportune week possible we took an unofficial month off from baby making in March. As a result, I’m taking a night off from clean living and going on a date with my honey. Or rather, we’re staying in for a night of homemade margaritas, carne asada tacos, and dancing in our living room.

Setting the tone for tonight’s soundtrack is Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. If you recognize the tune but don’t know the band it’s because it was playing in the background when Brad and Angie met in Bogotá in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s such a romantic melody and we really wanted to incorporate it into our wedding day but couldn’t find the “just right” place. So instead, it’ll play on repeat as I twirl around the living room pretending that Lola is the most graceful dance partner in town. That is, until my handsome husband cuts in and gives her a well-deserved break.

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