What’s in a name?

There are days when I when I hover on the local news for too long or let that really negative coworker get to me that I wonder if it really makes sense to bring a child into this crazy world. Fortunately, those days are few and far between and more often than not, I’m amazed by the compassionate hearts and concerned minds that inhabit this earth.

It’s videos like these – regular people doing something so small but with an impact that is so big – that remind me that I only have one goal in life and it has nothing to do with fame, fortune, or the Nobel Peace Prize. Instead, all I really want is to say that I made a difference to one person – somehow, someday, the best way I can.

I keep a card on my desk that a friend gave me almost 10 years ago. The friendship has ceased but the card continues to follow me from job to job and office to office. The quote on the front reminds me that I don’t need to wear a pair of rose-colored glasses to find the little gifts that present themselves in each ordinary day.

It’s the way these steelworkers found their opportunity to make a difference. A huge difference. In so many lives. That selfish act (yes, I said selfish because they feel so incredibly good about what they’re doing) inspires me too and confirms that I do, indeed, want to bring a child into a world exactly like this one!

“the world is not

respectable; it is mortal,

tormented, confused,

deluded forever; but it is

shot through with beauty,

with love, with glints of

courage and laughter;

and in these, the spirit


– George Santayana

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