Holding onto you.

Being in-love is funny. There are all these reasons why you decided to spend your life with this one person but the more time that passes the more you find yourself thinking less about the big reasons and falling in-love over and over again with the small ones. For instance, everytime we go to the grocery store and the cashier asks Mike if he’d like to make a donation to such and such cause, he says yes. It doesn’t matter if the cause is near and dear to his heart or we were there the day before and he donated a dollar. He’ll do it again.

My heart skips a beat with each dollar he donates to Special Olympics, American Heart, and the Sierra Club.

Likewise, I’m constantly coming across return envelopes to the LA Mission or another food bank, check enclosed and ready to mail. The guy has fed more homeless people – one meal at a time – than anyone I know. He’s a complete sucker for direct mail campaigns and I’m a sucker for him.

It was important for me to find someone who saw the world as greater than them. Who had personal aspirations  but also felt compelled to give back. Who realized how blessed we were to be handed life on a silver platter and to feel compassion for those who did not. Who didn’t bang on his chest demanding aknowledgement for his good deeds but realized that the good feeling associated with helping someone else was gift enough.

I found him and I’m never letting him go.

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