Once upon two years ago,


Mike and I decided to kick off the holiday season by going to the annual fireworks show in our town. It’s a big to-do with fireworks lighting the sky and reflecting off the ocean. We were so excited to bundle up in our warmest winter wear, mix our hot toddies, and pack our sweet Lola into the car. After all, it was our first holiday season in our new house with our new puppy.

We positioned ourselves on a little wall with a great view and right in the midst of all the action. Another couple and their dog planted themselves nearby and the two puppies wrestled playfully between us. While we waited for the show to start I surveyed the crowd and wondered aloud, “It’s so odd, we live in such a dog-friendly town yet no one else thought to bring their furry friends to the show. Silly people, they’re really missing out.” Mike laughed and agreed wholeheartedly.

And then, with the first boom and bang, we realized the gravity of our mistake. Our sweet, six month old pup literally lost her marbles. She started shaking so hard I thought she was going to give herself a heart attack. Our neighbors dog had the same reaction and immediately, all four us jumped up, grabbed our pooches and took off in opposite directions.

We were like fish swimming upstream. While thousands of people were making their way down to the beach we were literally, running up the hill and to our car as fast as we could. Lola refused to walk on her leash and every time a new boom reverberated through the air she simply, froze with fear. Mike finally picked her up and tucked her under his jacket for the rest of the jog to the car. Families stared at us like we were the dumbest, most inhumane people in all the world and all we could do was cringe with guilt and embarrassment.

As we drove home, we reflected on our stupidity and smugness all the while petting poor Lola and promising never to hurt her like that again. After peppering her with treats and treating her like the queen of all puppy dog faces for a few hours, she finally forgave us for our mistake and all was right in the world again.

We never have been back to see those fireworks although I’ve heard they put on one hell of a show.

And that’s the story about the time we unintentionally tortured Lola.

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