Earth Day 2011

Dear Mother Earth,

Happy day to you! I feel so grateful to call you home. In fact, there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. The moon is too dreary and mars is way too dusty for my taste although I can’t lie, that fantasy planet, Pandora, would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind painting my body blue and swinging through magical jungles all day long. But really, truly, you are the only home for me!

Of all your glorious treasures, I’ve been particularly enamored with trees in recent years. I love how their gentle branches sway in the wind and stoic trunks stand tall against the elements. I love admiring them on the road, napping in the cool shade beneath them, or pretending I’m actually a girl who likes (and knows how) to climb their big, sturdy limbs. This particular beauty lives right outside my office window. I stare at her longingly on days when I just don’t want to be cooped up inside – like today.

I will do my best to preserve you and treat you with the gentle care you deserve. I will drive my Prius with pride, continuing to reduce my carbon footprint (yay, buster…we’re doing so good at this one!) with hopes that your beauty and wonder will remain for many generations to come. I will remember to look up and around to fully absorb all of your incredible gifts while I’m walking – even if that means I fall over more often. I will reduce my consumption by thrifting more and splurging less.

I may even learn to compost.

With love and immense gratitude,


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