Work friends – part one.

Courtney and Mallory

As I mentioned, our standard Friday night routine was interrupted because I had dinner plans with two friends from my days at the Alzheimer’s Association. Since we parted ways in August, both girls have gone off to have incredible adventures. Court moved to Baltimore with her boyfriend and experienced a lot of firsts – her first holidays away from home, first real winter, first time shovelling snow, and her first lighting storms. Mallory left her first job out college and took off for an overseas adventure. Her solo trip to Australia included all of the essential abroad experiences – new friends, eye-opening experiences, and a midnight swim with a cute boy.

When you work with people you end up spending more time with them then your own family. I’ve been lucky enough to build some incredible friendships everywhere I’ve worked. In fact, many of them have become my closest adult friends and these two girls are representative of that group. I miss their silly faces everyday, their unconditional love and support, and their insistence on feeding me Chick-Fil-A weekly. In fact, I miss them so much I’ll gladly sacrifice a Friday night in for a girls night out with them anytime.

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