The power of prayer.


I pray all the time. Sometimes, it’s a superficial, “Dear God, don’t let me be late this morning. I have an important meeting to get to first thing.” while other times, it’s a prayer for the injured and their families when an ambulance or fire engine pass by. Mostly though, I just say a prayer of thanks before bed. For another day on this earth, another moment with my beautiful family, another opportunity to bask in the sunshine, hear children’s laughter, snuggle in a perfectly worn tee-shirt, or sneak a wet kiss from Lola.

Recently though, I started writing down my prayers. In fact, I write down every fear, concern, or worry that I have as a letter to God and then I fold it up and tuck it away in a box for safe keeping. I got the idea after reading about the Western Wall in Jerusalem. There’s a centuries old Jewish tradition where people of all faiths place their prayers on the wall for God to read. I like this idea because it makes me more purposeful in my prayer request and it allows me to “Let go and let God” a saying my mom is constantly reminding me to practice because I have a tendency to dwell on things out of my control for a little too long.

So far, it’s been a really useful tool and a practice I hope to maintain. Besides, it sure would be fun to look back through my box and discover all of the prayers that God has answered for little ole’ me over the years.

One thought on “The power of prayer.

  1. You are one of God’s very special children. God loves you unconditionally always and forever. He is so filled with love for you because he can look into your heart and he knows what is pure. He asks so little of us and gives us the free will to do whatever we want. So when he see deep into your heart he sees what is important, love, compassion, a thirst for knowledge.

    Continue to walk with God and go to him often with your needs and concerns. Than most importantly “Let go let God”. It fills my heart to know that you pray all the time. I always think of my relationship with God like anything else. If you give it love and attention it will grow.

    God sooooo loves you.

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