Weekend in review.

After a Friday Night Dance Party, we spent some time lounging on the couch together. Keep in mind, Lola weighs nearly 20 lbs. She just think she’s a 5 lb. lap dog. My ribs are permanently bruised from her little paws jabbing into them.

After a morning workout followed by a field trip to Home Depot, Mike surprised me with a homemade seafood feast. It was way more food than I could manage to eat however I tasted it all and it was delish! I can only imagine how he’ll spoil me when I’m the mother to his actual child and not his furbaby.

I love our blue bedroom but I’ve been complaining about the lack of good lighting since we moved in two years ago. A little birdie shared my conundrum with Lola and she surprised me with a new floor lamp that will live next to my Nona’s vanity. Now, I won’t have to put my makeup on in the dark anymore. Oh, happy day!

Finally, while I waited for mom and sis to meet me for lunch, I watched as a group of kids had a silly string fight in their Sunday best. These little girls nailed this boy right in the face and I found myself laughing out lout while they squealed with delight!

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