Weekend in review.

The birthday girl and Mike

We had a busy Saturday followed by a long and lazy Sunday.

Our first stop was Brea where we celebrated Mike’s friend, Michelle’s 30th birthday with some mini golf and fun in the sun. They also had a mock photo booth where everyone took turns taking silly pictures with the birthday girl.

Mike went a step further and volunteered for a solo photo shoot where he dressed up as a “hula pimp” of sorts and made love to the camera the way only he knows how.

After a fun afternoon with Michelle, we made our way to Corona to celebrate my gram’s 79th birthday and my cousin/godson’s high school graduation. We ate delicious Mexican food, drank beers, hung out by the fire pit, and caught up with family.

Gram sitting pretty.

Gram gave us a little scare last weekend when she was rushed to the hospital because she thought she was having a heart attack. After a day’s worth of poking and probing, the doctors determined that she’s in great health for her age. They couldn’t determine any reason for the series of symptoms she was having except that her vertigo was acting up. The real kicker of the story is that she didn’t want anyone to call 911 because she was still in her nightgown and “duster” with her hair a mess and not a stitch of makeup on. She was very embarrassed that the young EMT’s would see her in such a state.

While we were sitting together I made the mistake of asking her if I looked too “boobilicious” in the dress I was wearing. Her response: “No, but you’ve got a nice pair on ya. I’m sure your husband likes them.”

Ah, only my grandma. She cracks me up!

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