For the Dads…

* This post is coming in a little late because I spent Father’s Day celebrating my dad and not clickity clacketing on my computer.

Daddy – my hero.

My fixer, builder, problem solver. I don’t know what I’d do without you. We don’t always see eye to eye but as time goes by I think we’re both realizing that it’s okay that you’re a Republican and I’m a Democrat. We agree on the important things like family values, work ethic, and doing the right thing. You’ve taught me so much and given me the chance to share some of my knowledge with you. You were the first man in my life and the standard for every other man to come. You showed me how to love and how to expect love in return and when the right man came along, you taught me how to hold onto him for dear life. I like it when people say I’m a lot like you because you’re a really good person with a heart of gold and a sense of integrity that I’ve never seen in another human being.

Greg – the world’s best father-in-law.

You raised one hell of a son and I owe so much of my happiness to you. Mike is not a writer but frequently sings your praises. I asked him to share the three things he loves most about you and he answered right away. You always put your family first, you were a self-made man with a highly successful career, and you have a passion and knowledge for music that is unparalleled. Three of the things I love most about you are the way your eyes light up when you tell stories about Mike’s childhood or your international travels, the time we spend in the kitchen together, and the shimmy dance you perform for Ellen. You are my husband’s best friend and I can’t wait to see you play the role of grandfather someday.

Happy Father’s Day to you both. You are loved.

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