Weekend in review – part 3 – along came Sunday.

Oh, what a lucky girl I am!

I had the pleasure of spending a whole entire evening with my BFF’s – the girls from 524 Rosecrans – and their husbands. We floated the afternoon away on the lake, clinked champagne glasses in celebration, shotgunned a beer for old times sake (whose idea was that anyway?), feasted on delicious BBQ, danced to songs that haven’t been played since iPods were created (Sexy Noises anyone?), and ended the night watching people make fools out of themselves singing karaoke at the best dive bar in town.

At one point, Steph leaned over and said, “I love my friends” and believe it or not, I was just looking around the room thinking the very same thing! There’s something that comes with friendship that has lasted decades. I don’t know if it’s familiarity, history, or a confidence that no matter what you do or say, you won’t be judged – maybe it’s all of the above. We love each other for our strengths and weaknesses. We accept each other for being human and we share an honest regard for each other’s happiness that I haven’t experienced before.

Every time we all get around the same table I leave feeling a little sad that it doesn’t happen nearly enough but hopeful that the day will come when we’re all living in the same region and can be a more consistent part of each other’s daily lives – you know, where we don’t have to rely on weekly phone calls and emails! I love that our husbands our friends and that they so perfectly understand each of our roles in the group and never ever try to change that dynamic. I love that those of us who are single, unemployed, or waiting patiently for life to take them on a new adventure, trust that they have four others who are in their corner, rooting for their success and happiness, no matter what lies ahead.

I love everything about us. Sweet, beautiful us.

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