Tricks and tools that save my sanity.

If your family is as crazy busy as mine you’ll consider Cozi a godsend.

While there are only 2.5 of us (we count Lola because she’s very popular) we manage to fill every spare moment with something. Usually, work or school takes up most of our time but we’re hoping to add more fun nights out with friends and family, Saturday afternoon adventures, and plain old relaxation to the schedule this summer. No, I have not gone so far as to “schedule” our relaxation but lately, there have been weeks that I wish I had.

It’s an especially good tool to reduce the number of silly little arguments about listening or the lack thereof that happen between couples. For instance, a typical Saturday morning in our house used to go like this:

Mike: “What? We have plans tonight? I didn’t know about this.”

Me: “I told you about ___ and ___’s (fill in any one of our friends who got married in the past five years) engagement party months ago when the invitation arrived.”

Mike: “I don’t remember that. Are you sure you told me? Whatever. What time are we leaving and what do you want me to wear?”

Me: “We need to leave at 6. And, have I ever been the type of wife who told you what to wear? You’re a big boy. You can pick out your own clothes.”

While Cozi hasn’t helped us with the ongoing dressing dispute, the function that emails a “week at a glance” on Sunday nights has saved us a ton of time and frustration. I haven’t tried all of the other nifty components to Cozi yet but it looks like you can maintain your shopping list, plan your meals, and even keep a journal. All this in one easy to access and *free* website (and no, I’m not being paid to say this). My only complaint would be that it slows down your browser a bit but I imagine they’ll work that bug out in no time!

Cheers to saner heads prevailing.

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