Feeling restless.

Going to work during the summer has always been a challenge for me but I’m finding it especially difficult this year. Working for an academic institution, you really notice the difference between seasons. For starters, where the heck are all the students? Sure, it’s easier to get lunch, the coffee lines at the law school cafe are shorter, and there’s virtually no wait for the treadmills at the gym but still…I miss the kids.

In fact, I’m finding it harder than ever to focus. I waited all year for the quiet of summertime and the chance to catch up on all of the work I didn’t get done during the busy, busy academic year but now that it’s here, I don’t want to do any of it. I want to lay under the trees with a blanket and a book, snuggle in the warm sand at the beach, or get on a plane and fly far far away with my honey. I don’t want to sit at my desk gazing longingly out the window waiting for 5:00 to arrive, and with it my real life. I don’t want to stare at a computer screen when there’s so much beauty surrounding me…just outside that damn door. I don’t want to sit in traffic on the 405 when I could be playing fetch with Lola in the sunshine.

This is a new feeling for me – in fact, I haven’t found such a thrill in quitting time since I started this job.

But this morning, I found my eyes wandering to a quote that I’ve had posted in my office for so long I barely notice it anymore and I remembered. I  love my job. I feel good about what I do with my life. I make a decent living doing it. And I really do want to be here everyday…I chose this.

Oh yeah, I guess I just forgot.

One thought on “Feeling restless.

  1. Hi.

    Your post made me chuckle. But kind of a deep chuckle. I work seasonally, sometimes a long way from home for weeks at a home. When I get home, usually in late June, I have all these pent up projects I need/want to do. But after being home for a week or so, the pent up feeling goes away, and I just want to lay under the big maple tree in my yard, answering all my 6 year old’s questions and just drifting.

    I like my job too.

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