To you…as six weeks.

Well, hello there, little lima bean.

While there is still no visible evidence that you’re growing inside of me you’ve made your presence very known this week. The total and complete exhaustion is growing stronger by the day. I actually dread going to work because I know I’ll only make it until about noon before I completely fade and want nothing more than to slip quietly under my desk for the remainder of the afternoon. That symptom is not an easy thing to hide from my co-workers, let me tell you.

This weekend I took a much needed reprieve from the world and barely left the house except to get groceries and dinner on Saturday night. I cleaned and organized but mostly I slept, snuggled with Lola, and watched your dad work in the yard. It was heaven!

Speaking of your dad, he’s been a complete and total prince – not that I’m surprised. Every time I start to feel guilty about my lazy ways, he reminds me to take care of myself and listen to my body. He cooks, cleans, runs errands for me, takes Lola to the park since I can’t, and surprises me with the unexpected kiss and romantical line you only hear in movies: “I realize this is so much harder physically on you than it is on me so if there’s anything I can do please let me know” nearly bringing me to tears.

We’ve officially nicknamed you Nugget. And that includes all variations of the word – Nuggie and Nug as well. It’s really fun and makes it feel real when we refer to you with a name as opposed to “it.” I didn’t like that very much at all.

Yesterday, I had some mild cramping on my left side. Enough to bring me home from the grocery store and into the bed for the remainder of the afternoon. I’ve heard that as you grow, so does my uterus which can cause some pressure and cramping from time to time. It seems that as long as there’s no blood accompanying the aches, all is normal and there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Still, I don’t like these strange feelings one bit and I’m eager to see the doctor next week to get the seal of approval that you’re doing alright and everything is good in our little world.

I think Lola is starting to sense your existence. She’s been overly clingy lately following me from room to room and watching me intently. Every time I do my prenatal exercises, she perches quietly at the edge of my yoga mat and lays in the same position for the entire 50 minute workout. It’s hard to tell because she’s always been a snuggle bug but where she used to love cuddling up in the small of my back, she’s now curled in a ball right near my abdomen at all times. Maybe it’s warmer there?

It’s hard to think we still have to go so many months without meeting you. I swear, we’re already falling more and more in-love with just the idea of you everyday. And we’re not the only ones. Your grandparents are beyond excited and something tells me they’ve already started shopping with you in mind. I’m not surprised in the least.

So, that’s an update on where we are to date. Keep growing healthy and strong. And know that you are loved. Already.


Your mama

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