Coo coo for coconut water.

I was an early believer in coconut water. It’s a very popular natural source of energy and hydration for those who practice Bikram Yoga and nearly every studio has a refrigerator stocked with their favorite brand. Not to mention, it’s packed with potassium and all sorts of other nutrients.

I turned Mike onto the natural goodness as well and now it’s rare for us to go a day without a taste. We’re both purists, preferring the “original” flavor which, I’ll warn you, tastes great ice-cold but transitions quickly into “dirty socks” flavor when left out at room temperature.

Zico, our preferred brand (that’s the other thing: those who drink coconut water are very particularwhen it comes to the brand of their drink), recently developed a chocolate flavor. Our first instinct? Eww…gross. But, I couldn’t resist the urge to test it out and sure enough, it’s a new favorite. I swear, it tastes just like chocolate milk and it’s a great guilt-free treat to satisfy a sweet craving.

Highly recommend but remember, it’s an acquired taste!

P.S. It’s been a slow blogging week. Mike’s in the middle of finals, I’ve been working late, and we’ve both been sleeping poorly so I apologize for the lack of inspiration!

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