Friday Night Playlist

Mike had a girlfriend in college who was really into the whole “mixed cd” craze of the early 2000’s…I mean really into it. As a result, he has about 30 different cd’s in his collection with titles like “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta” and “Play Me for a Funkadelic Friday Night.”

You’re probably thinking it’s strange that he’s kept all of these cd’s over the years but the reality is, I won’t let him get rid of them. They’re actually pretty good and I swear, this girl’s music taste was all over the map. There’s a lot of Tupac – which I’ve pretty much outgrown by now – but also some cd’s dedicated to the vocal stylings of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and a lot of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.

So, after I dropped Mike off at work this morning, I reached for his cd case to see what sort of treat she (insert ex-girlfriend’s name) had in store for me. Sure enough, I was pleasantly surprised to see an old favorite staring back at me.

Good morning, Macy Gray. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to your  raspy soul stylings but it’s really comforting to hear you voice again.

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