To you…at 10 weeks.

Well, you are a double-digit kumquat this week, little love. How exotic! On a completely random note, I recently discovered kumquats and they are delicious! Not that I want to imagine eating you or anything. Come to think of it, I’ll probably lay off the kumquats for a while now that I made that comparison!

This week has been great. I’ve been feeling a lot less exhausted. In fact, I’m actually staying up past 9:00 for the first time in weeks! I never had a lot of nausea but the little I had seems to have stopped completely as well. The big change I’ve noticed is an increase in appetite. Big time. The other day I went through a string cheese, yogurt, banana, and nutrigrain bar in the course of two hours. I had a healthy lunch waiting in the refrigerator but I knew it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me and I made my colleague take me out to Thai food. I rarely eat out nowadays and no one at work knows I’m pregnant so imagine his surprise as I slurped down my yellow curry in five minutes flat.

I decided to go dress shopping for Pete’s wedding and noticed for the first time that thing Jennie’s been telling me about. Ya know, where you don’t look pregnant yet but you definitely look like you’ve packed on a few pounds (right in your gut) or you just pounded a six pack of MGD. Which is exactly the look you’re going for when you’re going to see friends you haven’t seen in years.

The good news is, I’m clinging to my same size and I think I’ll be able to dodge maternity clothes for a while still. Nevertheless, I decided to play it safe and avoid my typical go-to cuts like the pencil skirt, belted waste styles and opted instead for a shift dress. It’s cute – I don’t love it and may keep looking – but if I must, it will work and I’ll still feel good wearing it.

I know it’s ridiculous but standing there looking in the dressing room mirror I felt a little like the mayor’s wife in Steel Magnolias. Remember the one wearing the way too tight dress and dancing up a storm at the wedding? I think Clairee makes a reference to her outfit saying something like, “it looks like two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture.

Mike has assured me there are no pigs fighting under my clothes and to be perfectly honest, I find the swell of my belly kind of sexy. I just think it will be a whole lot more fun when everyone knows you’re growing in there rather than thinking I acquired a new taste for cannoli. And chili fries (okay, I’ve always had a taste for those). And pork rinds.

Your grandma and grandpa Balsamo (they still haven’t told us their preferred names although I think gram is going to opt for nona like her mom), brought you back some “rare gifts” from their mediterranean adventure. Since we don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl yet, they brought back and item of each. And they’re both so damn cute, I might just make you wear them both. Besides, who said boys can’t wear pink and girls can’t like blue? Ridiculous!

And, I took my first pregnancy photo on the night of our anniversary dinner. I can’t believe that before long, there will be a very clear baby bump protruding from my abdomen! I know I’ll be eating these words soon enough, but I kind of can’t wait to see my tummy grow.

That’s it for now. Loving you lots, little one!


Your mama

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