Friday Night Playlist

Friday came quickly this week! And, I’m hoping that I’ll be surprised with an early dismissal from work  to start our Labor Day celebrations early – fingers crossed.

Since this weekend marks the “official” end of summer (though, does it ever really end in So Cal?), I figured it’s only appropriate to turn the dial to my favorite sunny day musician – Jimmy Buffett.

I’ve been a parrothead since high school when my Jennie and I used to run around his concerts decked out in rompers and hands filled with ice cold Corona bottles. I’ve seen him a dozen times in various venues but the best shows are always outdoors where there’s plenty of room for tailgating and obstacle courses.

I have wonderful memories from my late teens and early 20’s dancing to Jimmy’s light-hearted tunes, standing (and falling off) the stadium seats,  and laughing non-stop with my bestie. I keep saying that it’s been way too long since we’ve been to a concert but I wonder, are we too old to look cute dancing to Fins?

Nah, while we may have outgrown our rompers (Thank, God!), I think there’s still some Margaritaville left inside of us! Now all we need is Jimmy to come back to Southern California to pay us a visit!


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