Photo Texts

These two pictures hit my text message inbox this weekend. I love photo texts and highly encourage you to send me some if you have my number. And keep ’em clean folks…this mama-to-be doesn’t have the stomach for raunchy shots nowadays.

My parents were in Northern California for a few days and took a pit stop at our old San Francisco neighborhood. This picture of my super cute mom is in front of our old apartment building on Chestnut and was appropriately titled “Memories.”

We certainly did love that little 600 square foot studio. It’s where our lives started back when we had all the time in the world for adventures, frolicking, and cuddles with the Boo.

Picture #2 came from my sister and is called “My Baby.” This is the newest furbaby to join our family. He’s a nearly newborn Akita and will be making his debut in mid-November after he’s had a chance to grow big and strong. Lola cannot wait to play with her new cousin – that is, until he gets too big and too strong and can eat her for breakfast! For now, look at those little stubby legs and that pink piggy nose? Too cute!


2 thoughts on “Photo Texts

  1. Very cute. The building looked great and the neighborhood remains fun and cool. I threw it many kisses for you guys.

    Is our new puppy the “best” ever!! Can’t wait to meet him.


  2. Awwww! You posted my baby!!! I can’t wait to see that face and kiss it!!! Mommy, you are the cutest EVER. Sister, you are amazing. Love you both – miss you both.

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