To you…at 14 weeks.

The past 14 weeks have seriously flown by but in the same vein, I’m finding it hard to remember a time when I wasn’t pregnant. You’re already the size of an apple which seems huge to me (I was feeling a little retro and decided to use the original apple logo for this post).

When I was a kid I had really, really chubby cheeks and my dad would call them Apple Cheeks. He’d randomly beckon, “Show me apple cheeks, Colie.” and I’d fill my cheeks with air as large as they’d go. It gave everyone a good chuckle. There’s a very strong chance you’ll take after me which means you may be destined to the same fate, I’m just warning you now.

This week has been all about the evolution of the bump. While it’s still relatively small (compared to what’s to come), I feel like it’s growing larger by the day. I’m officially uncomfortable in all of my work clothes and finding that I have to wear the Bella Band to hide my unzipped pants and skirts. There are moments where I feel more fat than pregnant but I can’t lie, I kind of enjoy seeing my body change because it means you’re growing along with me.

Just for the record, I’m not looking forward to swollen feet, spider veins, and cellulite on my butt which according to Jenny McCarthy’s book, is the destiny of all pregnant women. Then again, I’m finding it hard to believe she gained 60 pounds during pregnancy! I know, I know, the naiveté of a first time mama-to-be. I’m sure I’ll be eating these words in six months and 20, 30, dare I say, 40 pounds later!

Sometimes I think I can feel you moving around inside of me but I don’t quite know what that’s supposed to feel like so I’m guessing it’s probably just gas pains. I’m starting to talk to you now that I read you can hear me. I greet you every morning and say a sweet goodnight to you before bed. Sometimes, when I’m driving to and from work, I turn off the radio and hold my tummy and just chatter away about my hopes and dreams for your life. I hope you’ll start to recognize my voice soon and not be frightened by this crazy lady with really high expectations!

I’m loving you lots and lots. And I’m really looking forward to the weeks and months to come. There are so many exciting developments on the horizon. Your father and I barely get our heads wrapped around one and then you go and mature on us!

Stay strong, baby.

Love you,

Your mama

One thought on “To you…at 14 weeks.

  1. Gosh I don’t know why but this brings tears to my eyes. I always spoke to you and sis when you guys were in me. I always felt the vibrasions from my speaking would give you guys confort. I often told you guys about God and Spirit and Family.

    How fun to read your thoughts.

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