Healthy Babies

Maybe it’s those pesky pregnancy hormones acting up again but I came across this ad in a magazine and almost started crying. At first I didn’t know what it was promoting. But with each word, I felt like someone crawled inside my heart and poured my exact feelings and emotions onto the page.

And then to find out it’s for March of Dimes…serendipity, I tell ya. There are two organizations I would love to work for (ahem, run) someday. Make a Wish and March of Dimes. I’d say this is a sign if there ever was one.

I’m scared. I’m excited.

I feel like I’m going to throw

up. This is what I’ve dreamed about since

I was a little girl playing with dolls, but I’m not a little

Girl anymore. And this won’t be a doll. I’m going to be a mom.

A real mom. I am growing a baby inside me. If this didn’t happen every

Day, I’d think it’s a science fiction movie. My friends have had babies, but you

Just don’t know how bizarrely cool it is until it happens to you. Will he look like me?

Will he look like his dad? Both ? How can something so close be so far away? I know him,

But I don’t know anything about him. I can hear the heartbeat. His kicks practically lift me off

The ground. But is everything all right? I mean, is he developing all right? Is everything okay?

I can’t wait to see him. I hope he looks like me. Or his dad. If he’s healthy, I’m good either way.

I hope I didn’t jinx something by talking about this. We were there when your mother was

Born. We were there when you were born. And we’re here for your baby. We’re the

March of Dimes.


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