To you…at 15 weeks.

Alright, I messed up. Last week you were the size of a lemon and this week you’re an apple. I blame it on the fact that I write these letters on the last day of each week and usually the next week’s newsletter has already arrived in my inbox. In any case, I’m easily confused nowadays.

In fact, just last week, Mike found my cell phone sitting in the sink. Fortunately, it wasn’t floating in a pool of soapy water but nonetheless, what the hell was it doing in the sink basin? Don’t ask me because I honestly couldn’t tell ya.

I apologize for not having a 15 week belly pic to post but I worked this weekend and it completely slipped my mind. Plus, between you and me, you father is not so great behind the camera. I’m usually the one snapping away which is why you’ll rarely find me starring in the shots. I keep telling him that for the next few months anyway that will have to change but alas, I might have to cave and purchase a tripod.

All in all, this week was a breeze. I still haven’t definitively felt any kicks from you but there have been sensations that I just can’t place so maybe that’s what’s going on. Some days I feel like my appetite has increased a ton and others I literally have to remind myself to eat. I’m not sure what that’s about but I blame it on a busy schedule. I’m sticking to my 5-day/week exercise regime and I think it’s contributing to how great I’ve been feeling physically. I haven’t seemed too gain much weight yet but I have a doctor’s appointment in a few days so we’ll find out if that’s a problem or not.

I did have one minor emotional breakdown this week. For some reason, I decided that your father was really pissing me off on Thursday night. I was pretty much annoyed beyond belief but try as I might, I couldn’t actually identify any sort of justifiable reason for my rage. After trying, unsuccessfully, to pick a fight over nothing, I finally gave up and went downstairs to our bedroom. I retired early and spent the night reading while he minded his own business upstairs. I quickly apologized for my behavior in the morning and assured him that the alien taking the place of his wife will depart in 6-9 months and then I begged him to bear with me until then.


So, that’s it babycakes. Your mom has officially entered into the forgetful and emotional stage of her pregnancy – not a good combination – but I promise you I’m typically quite charming and together. Hopefully, you’ll only see that side of me!

Love you always,

Your mama


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