RIP Steve Jobs

Last night, after getting home around 8:00 from work, Mike and I settled in for the night. I decided to take a quick glance at Facebook before going to bed (I fully admit that while I rarely post, I am officially a once a day FB stalker) and low and behold, we both learned that Steve Jobs had died.

I don’t know why we were so shocked by this news. After all, we all knew he was very ill as his recent decision to resign as CEO of Apple had indicated. Maybe it was the fact that we learned the news from Facebook – by the way, I’m beginning to believe that it actually has a use for something other than wedding pictures and baby announcements. Either way, we were instantly saddened by the news.

We cuddled up with our Lola, pulled out the iPad – my most prized material possession after my grandpa pillow, shoe collection, and photo albums – and watched his Stanford commencement address for old times sake. Afterward, we each set our alarms on our iPhones, shut off the light, gave each other a quiet kiss goodnight, and fell asleep thinking about how one man managed to make such an incredible impact on our lives.

RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for your incredible gifts. Your vision and foresight will live on forever.

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