To you…at 19 weeks.

Hey there, Babycakes.

This had to be the most exciting week yet for a couple of reasons. First of all, we learned that you’re a little girl. After 19 weeks of mystery, the truth was unveiled. We are having a daughter. Secondly, the end of this week marked our halfway point. In just 4.5 short months (or 20 weeks for those who’ve been through this before) you’ll be a real, physical presence in our lives.

You are the length of a banana which means you’ve done a tremendous amount of growing in the past few weeks. And, from what I’ve learned, this is only the beginning. I will be gaining approximately a pound a week from here on out and you’ll be growing almost as quickly. It’s unbelievable actually.

Speaking of gaining weight, my belly is getting bigger by the day. Actually, every time I pass by a mirror, I swear my reflection has changed. It’s fascinating really. So far, I’m really enjoying watching my bump take shape. That’s probably because at this point, all my weight has gone to my belly.  I imagine it’s only a matter of time before my tush catches up but I’m doing my best to keep that from happening.

My workout routine has maintained strong. In fact, I think 75% of the reason I’m feeling so good so far is because I’m exercising regularly. I also think that helps with the whole self-esteem thing. Plus, let’s be honest, the more calories I burn, the more extra calories I get to consume each day! And trust me, my appetite is not lacking in any way.

All in all, now that the reality has set in that you’re a little girl, I can’t help but imagine all of the wonderful things in store for you. Sharing secrets with your best friend, going to your first dance, getting your college acceptance letter, starting your first job, etc. Oh man, your life is going to be amazing and no matter what you decide to do or where you decide to go, your father and I will be right behind you 100%. We are your biggest fans.

Love you so much – I can’t seem to say that enough.

Your mama


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