Friday Night Playlist

I love this song. I love the movie where I first heard it – Garden State. And I love that it’s about missing someone so much that you can’t find enough words to express your feelings.

I feel that way when Mike and I are traveling apart from one another. Even if it’s just one night, we laugh at how much we miss each other. We’re both pretty independent people; with our own hobbies, passions, and careers so we find ourselves going in separate directions more often than not. Still, there’s something about knowing we’re going to fall into the same bed at night that makes the separation okay.

The nights when we sleep apart are always hard and we find ourselves texting each other pictures of Lola and greeting each other with “Good morning” text messages before the sun rises. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder and it’s important to have that separation from time to time. Still, our reunions are always my favorite parts of any trip.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

Now that all of our house guests have come and gone the time has come to start making moves on the nursery. Although I have to work tomorrow night, I plan to spend as much time this weekend as possible cleaning, organizing, and breaking down our guest room in preparation for the nugget – I think they call this “nesting?” Throw in some football, takeout, and a little rain and I think it’ll shape up to be a pretty perfect weekend after all!


One thought on “Friday Night Playlist

  1. Take it easy Mama Colie nesting is yet to come. Usually about a month before the baby comes. Go slow and rest would ya. xxoo

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