Because all doggies deserve to live as sweet a life as Lola’s.

Please take 30 seconds to start your week off with a good deed. Help put an end to puppy mills in the U.S. by signing the below petition. 

Lola and all the other furbabies in the world thank you!

Urge your representatives to vote YES on the PUPS bill

Dear friend,

Did you know that there’s a huge loophole that allows some of the worst puppy mills to operate with absolutely no oversight or regulation? Under the current requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, commercial dog breeders only have to be USDA-licensed if they sell wholesale to pet shops or brokers. If they sell puppies directly to the public through classified ads, the Internet, etc., they can operate virtually under the radar and don’t even have to provide minimal standards of care for their dogs.

If passed, the federal PUPS bill will require that nearly all commercial dog breeders will have to be licensed and inspected by the USDA. It will crack down on the worst offenders who hide behind websites. In addition, it will require much-needed daily exercise for breeding dogs.

Animal lovers just like you have already contacted their representatives, and the PUPS bill has made it into the House Agriculture Committee. Now you can help by contacting your representative to get the PUPS bill moving through the legislature and signed by the president.

All it takes is a few clicks and you’ve done your part to help hundreds of thousands of puppy mill dogs.

Click here to take action now!

Thank you for all you do to help the animals.

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