Happy birthday, beautiful man.

I must’ve done something REALLY great in a past life because God decided to bless me with the most incredible love in this one. I never expected to find another person so funny, interesting, smart, compassionate, driven, honest, and down to earth. Those are a lot of great qualities and how many people actually encompass them ALL? I know I don’t. Not to mention, fictional characters like that are reserved for rom-coms, right?

And then came Mike.

Frankly, this man is strange. He’s oddly wonderful – so much so in fact, that I find myself constantly amazed that he really exists. He continues to surprise me by being everything a wonderful husband, son, friend, and brother should be. And I only imagine my love for him will increase tenfold as I watch him become a father.

His birthday is my most favorite day of the year (after my own, of course. I mean, come on…I’m only human). His existence and our serendipitous meeting has made my life go from pretty great to totally remarkable. Celebrating the life he leads with honor and dignity is such a gift to me and I only wish there were enough shiny wrapped presents and fancy dinners to show him how incredibly special he is.

I’ve always thought that if I change one life before I die I will have succeeded. I don’t know if Mike uses that same measure to evaluate himself but I can certainly say, he’s already done that and more. There are so many people who absolutely adore him and I feel very blessed to lead the charge.

I love you, Buster. Happy day to you. Today and Always.


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