Another Happy Birthday!

November is a big month for birthdays. There’s Mike’s on the 16th, my mother-in-law Ellen’s a day later, and my friend Stephanie’s on the 27th. Sandwiched in there is also the birthday of the most amazing woman ever born – my mama.

Because this year’s was a big one for the lady, we decided to celebrate with PARTAY! It took a couple of months of preparation, a lot of coordination amongst my dad, sister, and me, and some crucial help from my godmother and some family friends but it was a huge success!

The birthday girl had an absolute ball.

Despite coming down with a terrible cold the week before and fighting a case of laryngitis, she danced her pants off. Everyone showed up in costume and let me just say, there were some pretty amazing costumes at that. There was even a dance off resulting in a room full of bellyaches from too much laughter.

My mom is so good at sitting back and letting someone else – whether it’s my dad, sister, or me – soak up the spotlight. It was a really nice treat to actually see her take front and center for once. There’s no doubt about it, she is loved by so many and I can totally understand why. She’s pretty perfect in every possible way.

Happy birthday, mama. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your party because we had an absolute ball celebrating you!


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