To you…at 23 weeks.

My sweet little mango…what a wonderful week it’s been.

First of all, we celebrated Thanksgiving which means I unleashed the hungry, hungry hippo. I know this sounds like your mother is an alcoholic but in the past, family holidays have been all about the wine and socializing for me. For the first time this year, the meal was the star of my show and man, oh man, it was delicious! So much so that I actually had a second helping – which fortunately for both of us, I didn’t finish. No one makes Thanksgiving dinner like your Nona and I dread the day when she decides to pass down the tradition.

Your dad and I also wrangled your Poppy into doing an impromptu pregnancy photo shoot for us. Believe it or not, this pose was your dad’s idea and not mine. I think he really wanted the standard “husband kissing belly” photo for our album. It turned out pretty cute, if you ask me!

Your Nona and I spent an entire day together shopping and planning for your nursery and it really hit me…I’m having a girl! From the beginning of time, I’ve had the most incredible relationship with my mama and I’ve started to pray that you and I will be as close. If you look at me with the same admiration, respect, and love that I feel when I see her, I will be the luckiest woman alive.

I will try really hard to find that delicate balance between being your mama and your friend. I will remember how important it is to really “listen” to you when you speak and to give you space when you need to work things out on your own. I promise to always be available, accessible, and supportive while allowing you to develop into the baby, girl, and woman you will eventually become. I will try really hard not to push my own agenda and give you the freedom become whoever you want to be as long as you are a compassionate and honest person with good values and a strong work ethic.

These are just some of the things I’ve been sharing with you when we sit quietly together and I place my hands on my belly and pray.

I love you, darling girl.


Your mama

One thought on “To you…at 23 weeks.

  1. Again…I sit her crying! My granddaughter is going to think I am a big cry baby. But what she will realize over time is that “you” are a great communicator and writer. This is such a beautiful gift you are giving her. You will be a wonderful mama and the papa will be the best ever. I love you all the time.

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