To you…at 27 weeks.

I’m a little late in posting this weekly update but with the winter break, my schedule is all thrown off. In any case, at the 27 week mark, you are two pounds or the weight of an entire head of cauliflower. That didn’t seem like very much to me until I picked one up in the produce section of the supermarket the other day and realized that you’re huge!

Unfortunately, I spent the majority of the week sick in bed. There’s been a really bad cold going around and even though I tried really hard, I couldn’t avoid it. I battled for as long as I could thinking it was only a matter of time before I kicked it on my own. I even went out and bought a vaporizer and I consumed nothing but matzo ball soup and orange juice for days but alas, it wasn’t enough. By Tuesday, I caved and called the doctor. He immediately prescribed me a zpack and as hesitant as I was to take any sort of medicine, he assured me that I was doing you more harm by being as sick as I was than taking a dose of perfectly safe antibiotics. I’ve never taken a zpack before but sure enough, within 24 hours I was on the mend.


We spent the remainder of the week in Big Bear celebrating Christmas with the family and it was perfect! Your dad went skiing, we read, watched movies, played some serious Taboo, exercised, laughed, and relaxed. I am so blessed to have such an incredible family and seeing how well your dad fits in with everyone just makes me love him more and more – as if that were possible. I love spending time all together and I can’t wait to see how your personality fits into the mix.

Your cousins are getting so big. Steven is a full grown man and Mikela is well on the way to teenager. As fun as it is to watch them grow, I think we’re all excited to have a baby around at the holidays again. I can’t wait to see the bond you develop with K. She’s going to be such a wonderful influence on you and I just know you’re going to look up to her just like I admired your Auntie Mikee when I was a kid.

All in all, it was another wonderful holiday – complete with a ton of Christmas Morning Ugly Pictures – although something tells me next year is going to be even better. I love you, baby girl, and can’t wait to see you real soon!


Your mama


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