Friday…er…Sunday Night Playlist

I wrote this post on Friday but couldn’t get the video to load. I’ve been meaning to get to it all weekend but well, life happened. So, here we are on Sunday night and everything I originally wrote has now been switched to the past tense.

It was a nugget-filled weekend for us.

We had big plans to work in the nursery – installing closet organizers and emptying out the furniture that made it our guest room until now. My parents surprised us at Christmas by contributing a new crib and dresser to the nug’s nest so we needed to finalize our decisions and get them ordered. And, I have old glider rocker cushions from my sister that I needed to take to get reupholstered. Today, we had the first of two hospital tours and we were really impressed with what we saw so we may end up cancelling the second tour altogether.

I know it doesn’t sound like a weekend party but for some reason, I’ve been really looking forward to all of these 3rd trimester activities!

And, my super awesome husband has been busy working on our delivery room playlist which is the inspiration for this week’s Friday Night Playlist selection. I found him busy on his computer compiling the perfect selection of tunes to welcome our little girl into the world and imagine my surprise when Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” was leading the way. When asked what inspired him to make this song choice, the response I got was, “I thought we might need to get pumped up and Aerosmith is perfect for that.”

I gently reminded him that the last thing we’ll have to worry about is a laboring mama who is “too calm” and that I was really expecting the song selection to go in a different direction. Not to mention, I can’t help but picture Parker Posey from Dazed and Confused every time he plays this damn song (which has been a lot this week). Still, it made for a pretty funny interaction and as much as I hate to admit it, I think we’ll have to keep it on the playlist for sentimental reasons.

Don’t worry…it’ll be sandwiched in between some Grateful Dead (Box of Rain), Fleetwood Mac (Landslide), Little River Band (Cool Change), Coldplay (Swallowed in the Sea), and the Beatles (Blackbird) and who knows, it may be just the inspiration I need to push that nuggie head into the world!

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