A Glimpse at the Nest

Speaking of South Africa and elephants, while we knew we didn’t want to incorporate a formal “theme” in the nugget’s nursery, we also knew that somehow we wanted to infuse it with our love of travel and especially our experience on safari.

I poured through the photos we took while we were in South Africa and was amazed, as I always am, by how many really incredible shots we got. Still, none of them seemed appropriate for our sweet girl’s nest. And then I discovered Suzi Eszterhas. She is this incredible photographer who has captured some truly remarkable wildlife shots.

I immediately ordered a series of four prints from the African savannah. Each one features a mama (or daddy) with their baby and they are perfect for the look we were going for – sweet but not cutesy or cartoony in any way.

They arrived last night and we are thrilled. I can’t wait to hotstep it over to the frame shop to design the matting to go around these gems. If you’re shopping for something puuurty to beautify your walls or you just like looking at really cool pictures, definitely check out Suzi Eszerthas (she has an Etsy shop too!).

So there’s a glimpse at our Nuggie’s nest. It’s coming along slowly but all of the components are in the works so I’m pleased. Stay tuned for the final product complete with pictures and descriptions for why we included what we did. It’s been a labor of love but one I’ve enjoyed each second of the way!


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