To you…at 32 weeks.

32 weeks down and 7 to go!

Here’s an update on where we’re at so far:

I’ve gained 23 pounds and at this point, I think I’m averaging a little more than the designated .5-1 pound a week. I don’t think I’ll have any problem falling into the 25-35 healthy range for weight gain. I keep expecting my appetite to slow down as you get bigger and room for my stomach to expand gets smaller but so far, no dice. I’m a hungry girl.

There was no ultrasound at this week’s appointment but Dr. P did do the doppler so I got to hear your little heartbeat. It was pretty cool but I’ve gotten so used to seeing your little parts on a regular basis, I kind of miss your face.

My days alternate – I’ll have a really good day where I feel a surge of energy followed by a typical 3rd trimester day where all I want to do is sleep under my desk. One thing is constant though…my stamina is not what it used to be. By 8:00 at night, I can barely keep my eyes open. And, I’m finding sitting in an upright position to be more and more uncomfortable. I think your little feet are lodged in my ribs and about once an hour you decide to practice your tap dancing skills. It’s a good time for both of us.

I’m still exercising regularly. Partially, because I really don’t want to get out of my routine but mainly because it’s the only time I actually feel comfortable. Laying down isn’t so great and I already mentioned how it feels to sit all day so I find stretching, practicing yoga, and walking to be the best at providing relief and loosening up all my tight joints.

I received my all time favorite children’s book from your Auntie Stephie this weekend – Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. A teacher read that to our class when I was growing up and I remember clearly, how much it moved me. Since then, I’ve given it to numerous friends over the years as a token of encouragement when they were going through a rough patch in their lives.

I found it pretty ironic that when I was checking out my friend’s blog, Boots and CatEyes, she recently uploaded this awesome interpretation created at Burning Man. I love it! All the costumes, stunts, and random acts of silliness perfectly fit into the Dr. Seuss theme. And, as always, hearing it aloud is so much better than reading it to yourself.

I hope you enjoy this book and many others as much as I do. I hope that your eyes light up when you imagine all the adventures that await you and I long for the day that you can read it to your dear old mom. I know you won’t be discouraged by obstacles that cross your path but instead, will welcome them as opportunities for growth and a little imagination. I know you’ll savor all life has to offer and do your best to create your own luck.

I love you, sweet girl, and we’ll be seeing you real soon.


Your mama


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