To you…at 34 weeks.

Hi little love,

34 weeks down, 5 to go. Your dad and I were talking this weekend and realized that since the doctor will only let you go 7-10 days past your due date before they induce you, anyway you cut it, we’re having a baby within the next six weeks. Holy crap! How did that happen? I swear, it was only yesterday that I peed on a stick and now you’re going to be here in our lives before we know it!

I had a doctor’s appointment this week and sure enough, I got to see your cute face on the screen again. You’re still growing big and strong and Dr. P. continues to think you’re going to arrive somewhere between 8-9 pounds. A “good sized baby” as she so eloquently put it. I’m not really surprised considering we were both pretty big – your dad was a beast! – and if you take after us at all, I’m imagining you’re going to be a tall one too. So far, I’ve gained about 26 pounds but I’m packing them on quickly now and expect I’ll be up to 35 pounds gained by the time this is all set and done.

I’ve officially become the cliché pregnant woman who can’t reach her feet to put her shoes on. At the gym yesterday, I had a helluva time trying to figure out how I was going to tie my shoes and fortunately, the older woman whose locker is next to mine finally offered to help me out. I’m realizing that my cardio days are limited and I think I may focus on yoga and pilates for the duration of my pregnancy. The pace I use to walk Lola is about as speedy as I can get nowadays so it’s kind of a waste to take up space on a treadmill for a nice stroll.

Your Nona came over last weekend to help me with your nest and expressed her surprise at my pregnancy waddle. Sometime in the two weeks since I saw her at my shower, I grew large enough or my hips loosened up enough to force me to walk funny and let me tell ya, I’ve got it down now! There’s no question I’m pregnant and I can literally knock someone over with my big, hard belly.

As for you, we’ve been so busy preparing for your arrival. I swear, I’ve spent more time on your little nest than I did decorating our entire house. I want everything to be absolutely perfect and I have a vision so I’ve done and redone things a few times over now. We’re nearly there but it’s still a work in progress and I can’t wait to showcase the final product one of these days – if I ever finish.

I knew I’d be really into the nursery but I didn’t expect it to have such a large effect on your dad. I find him in there just looking around or sitting in the glider taking it all in from time to time. I know in reality we probably won’t use it all that often but it’s really incredible to think there’s this space in our home that’s dedicated completely and totally to you.

And Lola loves it too. She’s not quite sure what to make of the changes yet and to be honest, when she was a puppy and it was a rarely used guest room, she used to sneak back there and go potty so we were worried to give her access now. She’s totally surprised us though. She’s had no accidents and she’s been on her best behavior when it comes to all of your “stuff.” And man, it has got to be tempting. Between all of the blankets, lovies, stuffed animals, and toys waiting to find a home, there is plenty of trouble for her to get into. She’s picked a cozy spot between the glider and the crib and she lays on the floor and just takes it all in. Already loyal…I’m not surprised.

It is so important that you love your Lola as much as she’ll love you. I’ve prayed on this throughout my pregnancy and I feel confident that you’re going to have a great bond. There’s no doubt that she senses something is up and at this point, I don’t know how happy she is about all of the change. She’s a resilient little furbaby though and I know that once the dust settles and she realizes you are a permanent fixture in her life, she will absolutely adore you. You will be the best of friends and she will protect you and make you laugh so hard. She is incredibly tolerant and will probably allow you to abuse her as well so please don’t take advantage. Love her, give her kissies and hugs, snuggle with her, and let her chase you around the house. Enjoy having a pet – owning an animal is a pretty incredible bond and you will find she is hopelessly devoted to our little family.

There are still so many lessons I want to share with you and it actually makes me anxious to think these months are coming to an end. But then I realized, my letters don’t have to stop just because you arrive. On the contrary, all the more reason they should continue – but probably not on a weekly basis. Instead of updates on my pregnancy, they’ll include status reports on all of the amazing things you’re doing, new interests and favorite things, and lessons learned as parents. And, I hope to continue to impart what little knowledge of the world that I have through my fingertips for you to reference as you wish someday.

I love you sweet girl. And, I’ll see you real soon!


Your mama


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