A watched pot…

What’s that saying about a watched pot that never boils? Well, right about now, I’m beginning to feel like that watched pot! Mike’s been staring at me much the same way as Lola in this picture. The look of wonder and curiosity on their faces makes me feel like my head might spontaneously combust at any moment. I know he’s just waiting patiently for baby girl to arrive and Lola…I’m not sure what her deal is but I starting to think that she can “sense” something major is about to happen.

I wish I had control over this situation but I’m really just a passenger on the baby train. My part will kick in eventually and I know I’ll have to work harder than I’ve ever worked but until then, all I can do is sit tight like everyone else and wait. With my due date around the corner – on Sunday – it really could happen anytime but for some reason, it feels like she’s going to stick around inside of me for a while longer. Hopefully, I’m wrong about that.

Way back when I announced that two of my closest friends were pregnant as well. We were all due within a week of each other, remember? Me with my first and them with their second babies. Well, on Sunday night Catherine welcomed her gorgeous little girl, Molly, into the world. And then yesterday, Julie announced that her little man made an early appearance as well! Both mamas and babies are doing really well. I’d be lying if I said that holding sweet Molly didn’t make me anxious to have our own little Nugget in my arms.

All in due time, I suppose!

Until then, I’ll just sit here like a museum exhibit while my hubby and furbaby stare at me with fascination.

3 thoughts on “A watched pot…

  1. This pic of Lola is hilarious! I love that little scrunchy face! Glad you are feeling good Nic and pass my congrats on to both Catherine and Julie. Can’t wait for your little girl to get here! Love ya!

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