To you, Savannah…at three months

Dear Baby Girl,

So, I have some calls into a variety of scientists around the world to figure out how to freeze time. No luck yet but I’m determined to find away because these days/weeks/months are flying by way too fast. Just the other day your Nona observed that you’ve transitioned from a newborn to a baby. It’s a subtle difference but one that is oh so apparent to those who love you most. You’re bigger, stronger, and more alert than ever and with each new milestone you conquer I find myself battling feelings of sadness and excitement at the same time.

We have had a grand ole time this past month. Your mommy is getting much more comfortable taking you out into the world and as a result, we go on all sorts of adventures. We see your Aunt Luc and Cousin Molly at least once a week and lately, your Nona and Poppy almost as frequently. You love going down to the beach and between the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves crashing you’re in heaven. And, just like mommy, you enjoy shopping and dining. The white noise in restaurants and stores puts you right to sleep and as a result, we’ve been taking you out more and more.

Your last few doctor’s appointments have gone really well considering they’ve included your first rounds of vaccinations. You’ve been such a brave girl and honestly, you’ve handled the pokes better than I have. Dr. T thinks you’re going to be tall which should come as no surprise since both your daddy and I are tall. She’s also been spending a lot of time helping me prepare for your transition to daycare. With only a month left of maternity leave, I have some work cut out for me. Until now, I’ve let you dictate our schedule (with the exception of our bedtime routine) – feeding and putting you down on your timeframe. It’s time we get into a more distinct routine which will no doubt make life easier on you and your caregivers when I go back to work. You are a comfort sucker which means you’d prefer to breastfeed yourself to sleep or nurse anytime you’re upset. Helping you develop other ways to soothe yourself is absolutely crucial to your well-being but not a challenge I’m looking forward to overcoming.

With each day, you get more and more interested in Lola and no longer look at her with anxiety when she sniffs you. You now seem to stare at her with a sense of wonder and amusement which is pretty cute. She’s taken to licking your hands and feet with every chance she gets and it must tickle because you always react with a huge smile. She loves the taste of spit up – she really is a gross little being – and one day even found herself in the line of fire when you projectile vomited. She ended up with a muzzle full of breastmilk and after she got over the initial shock of it all, she was quite pleased with the unexpected treat.

My two favorite times of day with you are first thing in the morning and early evening. You wake up in the best mood and love to just lay and look around, smiling and talking to anyone who will listen. We all gather in the bed together whenever we can to enjoy these precious moments as a family and before we know it, an hour has passed by. This is pretty much where we are until around noon on the weekends. It’s glorious.

Your reaction is no less enthusiastic when your dad gets home from work in the evenings. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as soon as you hear his voice when he walks in the door, you freeze and start to look around. When he comes into your line of sight you just stare at him for a minute and then break into an ear to ear grin. No matter what kind of day he’s had, seeing you instantly lightens his load. As for me, my heart sings a little to watch you fall in-love with your Poozle more and more everyday. No man will ever love you as much as he does, little girl. You are so lucky.

You are changing so much lately. You’re losing your hair but just in a one inch stripe around your head leaving you with a mohawk/mullet look that’s really quite becoming. You’ve also gotten chunkier this month and your little rolls are getting more and more pronounced. Your sneezes are the cutest thing ever – I’m pretty certain we have some on video – and they always come in threes. And you’re starting to reach out and grasp onto things – your blankets, burp cloths, rattles, my hair, our hands, etc. You certainly have a voice and you let us know when you’re unhappy by turning out your lower lip and making the saddest face in the world. Seconds later, you let out a wail that could be heard for miles and we have no choice but to surrender to your every need. You’re holding your head up well and only throw it backward or forward once in a while. I think you’re still a ways from sitting but we practice everyday just in case you decide to make moves in that direction.

3 Months At A Glance

Weight: 12 lbs. 7 ozs.

Length: 24 inches

Cool Things You’re Doing: The most exciting thing to enter your little world has been your hands. You fixate on them for long periods of time and the look of awe on your face is adorable. We’ve been experimenting by putting various textures and objects in your grip so that you can enjoy the sensations and you do. You also enjoy sucking on your hands although you’ve yet to designate one finger or thumb as a favorite. Right now, you go for the entire fist. You are spending more and more time on your solar system inspired playmat and you especially love “rocket man” and all of the voices we use when we play with you. You are also practicing tummy time everyday on your surfboard and getting stronger and more tolerant by the minute. In no time, you’re going to be sitting and eventually standing. I can’t believe it.

Likes: Your likes remain consistent from month to month. You are a comfort sucker in addition to being a healthy eater so I feel like I’m breastfeeding you around the clock. You also enjoy cuddling with your lovey and your pink bunny. One of your favorite things is to stretch out real big when we unzip you from your swaddle pod each morning. I swear, stretching never looked as satisfying as it does when you do it, baby girl.

Dislikes: You’re still not fond of diaper changes but you really enjoy having a fresh diaper on your tush. You also hate being disrupted mid-feeding to burp. And, your initial reaction when you wake up is one of fear or panic until one of us comes into your point of view and brings a smile to your face. Finally, you’ve never been terribly fond of the cradle hold and prefer to be held over the shoulder of facing forward so you can take in the world with your big ole eyes.

Nicknames: In addition to the usual – Popeye, Bonzo, Savs, Savvy Girl, Bubbles, Pooz, and Savalina – I’ve been calling you Mama or Mommy a lot. I don’t know if it’s an Italian thing or what but that’s what we do in my family. My dad calls me “dad,” my sister calls my niece “mama,” and my grandfather called me “grandpa.” I never thought I’d follow suit but here I am with the same nicknames for my daughter. And sure enough, your poppy (grandpa on my side) calls you poppy. Go figure.

Well, this month’s letter is pretty long although I could keep talking about you and all of the amazing things you’re doing for days. Instead, I’ll leave it here with an outtake from this month’s photo shoot. You let it be known that you were very unhappy when your headband slipped down over your eyes!

Love you bunches and bunches,

Your mama

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