Aloha Baby

Earlier this year, my parents surprised us kids with a trip to Maui. In lieu of 2012 birthday presents, they flew my sister, niece, nephew, Mike, Savs, and me to Hawaii for a week. This was the first official family vacation we’ve taken in over 10 years. It was also Mikela’s (my niece) and Savannah’s first time flying and Savannah’s first time taking a dip in the ocean or pool. Lots of firsts around here!

We had an incredible week filled with lazy days relaxing in the sun (and shade for Miss Savvy Girl), snorkeling in the ocean, eating lots of good food, and drinking all sorts of tropical drinks. My sister got to spend some real quality time with Savannah and they bonded like crazy. We laughed a lot and even spent an entire afternoon acting like fools on the waterslide.

And, Mike and I snuck away early one morning for our own little adventure. We drove to the top of Haleakala to go paragliding and watched the sun rise from midair. We also took a night off to celebrate my 33rd birthday with dinner and adult conversation while Savannah hung out with her aunt, Nona, Poppy, and cousins.

Throughout the week, I found myself thinking about how many people go their whole lives without ever getting the opportunity to experience a place as beautiful as Hawaii. I’ve been so fortunate in that I’ve gone about a half of dozen times, three of which were in the last few years alone. And now, my daughter, barely four months old, has dipped her feet in the warm Hawaiian waters and witnessed a one of a kind sunset all of her own.

Mike and I are big travelers – it’s honestly our favorite pastime – but we had accepted that this year’s adventure in parenthood would require that we take a small hiatus from airplanes and hotels and instead, stick close to home. So, an especially big thank you, mom and dad, for a wonderful (and much needed) vacation. Thank you for giving us the free time to nap in the sun, dine amongst adults, and jump off a mountain. Thank you for getting our family altogether for an entire week. And thank you for always being so generous with us.

We love you!

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