To you, Savannah…at five months.

Hey there, Babycakes.

There is so much to say to you this month. I don’t even know where to begin.

Your little personality is developing right before our eyes and we’ve found such joy in getting to know the person you are becoming. Watching you explore your surroundings and form an opinion about what you like and don’t like (and you like nearly everything) is really a blast. In fact, your dad stood in front of the open refrigerator door for five minutes the other night while you touched all of the bottles of bbq sauce and salad dressing. And you have to know this was a big deal since he’s quite the environmentalist and would under no uncertain circumstances, waste energy like that for anyone else. You were so taken with the sensation of the cold bottles that it was all we could do not to pull out the video camera.

You were baptized this month but I’ll save the details of that event for a separate post. Let’s just say it was a wonderful day and we are so pleased that you will go through life with two of the best people we know acting as your godparents. We’ve established quite a team for you, little one. You’re very lucky!

I returned to work and you started daycare only a couple of days after your 4 month birthday. We both adjusted better than expected and honestly, you were such a rock star that you made me strong. You love Miss Norma, Miss Donna, and Miss Barbara dearly and it’s fun to see how much they adore you as well. They’re starting to really get to know you and I couldn’t feel more secure knowing you’re in their very capable care each day.

We spend a lot of time on the floor nowadays. We’re practicing tummy time more than ever to strengthen that little back and neck of yours and you’re doing so well. I have determined that your cloth diapers are weighing you down a bit and I suspect they might be part of the reason you’re not rolling around too much yet. So, we’ve started stripping you down and letting you hang out naked. You have much more flexibility this way and your dimply buns are so cute I can’t resist the sight!

You also love your Bumbo and the egg your Poppy got you (Mamaroo) which has been nice because it offers you a little independence while freeing up our arms a bit. You sit and watch us while we get ready for work, clean the house, cook dinner, etc. etc. I started placing you in your Bumbo facing the mirror and you get the biggest kick out of the baby staring back at you! It’s fun to watch you have entire conversations with your reflection (your mommy’s been known to do that as well after a few too many cocktails but we’ll save that story for a different day). You also pull yourself up to standing regularly and we’re constantly amazed by the strength in your chubby little legs.

You’ve started paying a lot of attention at mealtimes and you literally stare intently at every bite we take. The other night, I placed my cold water bottle in front of you on the floor and you were reaching for it and making an expression with your mouth as if you wanted to suck out of the straw. I was very impressed! I can tell you’re going to love solids but you’ve got to hold tight for another month, babycakes. Until then, it’s all breastmilk, all the time.

Your looks have changed a lot. In fact, we were just looking back at your monthly pictures and observing how you are a totally different baby from the little doll you were at 2 and 3 months. You started out with dark hair and an olive complexion and now you’re a little blond, caucasian baby. Your cheeks remain chubby as ever and your ears have grown a bit but that may be an optical illusion since your hair loss draws more attention to your ears. You look identical to my baby pictures right now and while I’m certain you’re going to have your dad’s coloring, he’s convinced you’re going to grow up looking like me. Either way, you’re gorgeous and just the cutest thing ever!

5 Months At A Glance

Weight: 15lbs. 9 ozs. – 75th percentile

Length: 26 1/4 inches – 90th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: You eat your feet! This is by far the best party trick we’ve seen yet and your dad can’t help but crack up every time you do it. You are still a total chatterbox which isn’t a surprise considering your family. Nearly everyday when we pick you up from school, Miss Donna comments on how you spent the entire day talking to her and the other babies. You also love holding your feet and laying on your side although you’re still a little hesitant to make a habit out of rolling around. You’ve started to scoot on your butt and made it halfway around the dining room the other night before getting stuck up against the back of the couch.

Likes: Your Lola. You are really starting to bond with your furbaby. You pet her and laugh your head off when she licks your feet. Likewise, she loves you dearly and runs to greet you first when we walk in the door at night. You are still dependent on your “Nona lovey” for naps and bedtime and bathtime continues to be a highlight in your day. You are also totally dependent on the musical monkey attached to your carseat. You hold onto it like an “Oh, shit” handle whenever we’re in motion. It’s pretty cute. And, I hate to admit it, but you LOVE tv – mainly cartoons and sports.

Dislikes: You don’t like being alone. You don’t have to be in our arms but you certainly know if we leave you alone in a room and you let it be known that you find it unacceptable to be ommitted from the party. That’s our own fault because we tend to have you with us all the time. I know a lot of parents would warn us that we’re establishing bad habits but we don’t care. We like your company and want to have you around as much as possible.

Nicknames: Same same – Bonzo, Pooz, Savs, Savvy Girl, Bubbles, Baby Cakes, and Mommy. Your Nona has started calling you Banana and that seems to have stuck so we add that to the rotation now and then as well.

We adore you like nothing else. I really didn’t think it was possible for my heart to swell with such love for another human being but it has. I take such pride in referring to you as “my daughter” and every time I see your face my heart sings.

Thank you for being such a joy, sweet girl. I love you – to the moon and back!


Your mama


Who has the cutest belly in the world? That would be me, thanks!

Must get chalkboard into mouth…

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