A “belated” Happy Anniversary to us

**Why is it that lately, the word “belated” has become a regular part of my vocabulary? The girl who was once so ahead of the 8 ball is constantly lagging behind these days.

4 years. 4 life changing events.

We bought a house.

We added a Lola.

We had a baby.

And then just for shits and giggles, we decided to buy another house.

Add in a couple of exciting job changes, an MBA, some worldwide travels, a handful of brawls, and a whole lot of laughter and it’s been one hell of a ride!

What will year 5 bring? We’ve promised each other nothing but a whole lot of peace and quiet. Lazy days lounging around our new home, road trips with both babies in tow, and hours upon hours behind the camera as our girl takes her first steps and speaks her first words.

Yeah, right! Who are we kidding? We’ve never slowed down for a minute and the odds are we’re not stopping anytime soon. Either way, I can’t wait for this next chapter to unfold.

I have the most incredible partner in life.

A man who is both my lover and my friend. My cheerleader, confidant, and companion. A man who is always challenging me to the better than I think I am and stronger than I knew I could be. Who leads by example and sets the bar high. The most incredible Dad I’ve ever seen – dedicated, heroic, and tireless. A master at made up nicknames, early morning kissies, and tickles.

And sexy…I can’t forget sexy!

Here’s to us, lover. I think our newlywed days are nearly over, can you believe it? As that gray hair sprouts and those laugh lines deepen, I thank God that you chose me to be your franchise player. Let’s do this thing!

I love you. Today and always.



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