A gift from God

On July 22, we baptized our sweet girl.

The sun was shining and the breeze was warm. Friends and family graced us with their presence. And Savannah was in a great mood despite her runny nose.

In short, the day was perfect.

Savannah wore the same dress I wore when I was baptized 33 years earlier. When we moved into our house three years ago, my parents delivered all of my boxes of mementos from their attic. As I was going through my childhood memories, I was so excited to learn that my parents saved this sweet dress and secretly prayed I’d have a little girl someday to who could wear it as well. After the reality sunk in that we were having a girl I immediately remembered the dress waiting for me in the old Nordstrom box in the garage and beamed from ear to ear. Seeing her in it, melted my heart in a way that rarely happens.

Growing up, there was never a question in my mind that My Jennie would be my future child’s Godmother and when she met Casey it was a no brainer that together they’d make the most kick ass Godparent team. We knew we wanted to select a couple who had a similar approach to life and parenting as we did and while we definitely do some things differently, the basic foundation is most certainly there. I know they will be incredible role models to Savannah in the years to come and I have a feeling that when she hits those teenage years and she’s sick to death of us, she’ll escape to their house on a regular basis.

My “God” is, and always has been, like a second mother to me and I truly believe Savannah will have that same relationship with Jen. They will have their own bond independent of me, and I will encourage Savannah to share secrets and go to her for advice when she needs it. In short, we know that Jen and Case love our daughter as much as we love their little Riley and that, in my opinion, is what matters most when it comes to picking Godparents.

As I reflect on that day, I continue to think of the wisdom the minister shared with me when we met to plan the ceremony. He said that in his opinion, “children’s souls select their parents before they’re born.” Assuming that’s true, Mike and I have a tremendous amount of responsibility to live up to Savannah’s expectations of us and baptizing her was only the beginning of fulfilling our promise to her.

I know she won’t remember the details of that day but I hope the pictures and words on this post help her understand the significance of that 10 minute ceremony. It may not have been a big celebration in the true sense of the word – can you say cold cuts and cake? – but it was meaningful to me to watch the minister bless her and see her snuggled up in the loving arms of her Godparents afterward.

God bless you, sweet girl!


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