The city by the bay

Where it all began: the location of our first date.

Back in January when I was 7 months pregnant, August seemed like a million miles away. I mean, I couldn’t even picture what my baby would look like let alone imagine the love I would feel when I held her in my arms. And so when my beautiful friend, Nicole, shared her plans to get married in Sonoma over Labor Day Weekend it was a no brainer. Of course we’d be there!

And, kid-free, I might add!

As the date got closer everyone kept asking if I was getting nervous about leaving Savannah behind for two whole nights. To be honest though, nerves never came into play. Actually, scratch that. I was extremely nervous about pumping and freezing enough milk to get my mom through the weekend but that’s another story altogether. As far as leaving her though, I was actually really excited for our first adult getaway and I knew Savs was in the best possible care with my parents. We were going to miss her, no doubt about that, but lately, I’ve learned that missing her and worrying about her are two different things entirely.

So, before we knew it, the weekend was upon us. I packed up enough of her supplies to last my parents through the end of the year in case the apocalypse hit while we were gone, filled their freezer to the brim with a month’s worth of breastmilk, and we kissed our little nugget goodbye.

She barely noticed.

Lola, on the other hand, went on a hunger strike for half a day. Shows where the loyalty in our household lies, doesn’t it?

And just like that we were 500 miles away. It took a while for us to settle in, I’m not going to lie. In the airport, every time I got up to go to the bathroom, I turned to Mike as if to say, “Keep your eye on the baby until I get back.” only to realize there was no baby to watch. And, when we walked in the hotel room and realized we had a queen size bed my first thought was “How the hell are we all going to fit?”

We’re sexy and we know it in our matching robes.

But within a couple of hours, I had my first of many cocktails in hand and we were well on the way to celebrating our 4 year anniversary. It was like we were 27 all over again. We flirted, laughed, sipped martinis, guzzled wine, and frequented as many of our old haunts as we could manage in just 18 hours. After a whirlwind year where nearly every conversation centered around baby, we needed the opportunity to reconnect. To get back to basics.

And that’s exactly what we did!

Nicole and Dave saying I Do!

The next morning, we nursed our hangovers with greasy eggs and a mountain of french toast and headed to the wine country. Watching Nicole and Dave get married in beautiful Sonoma was wonderful.

There was a moment years ago, where Nicole did what every woman does at some point in her life: she doubted herself. We were sitting outside the Oakland Coliseum before a work event and she told me that “if her knight in shining armor never appeared,” she was fully prepared to “do it on her own.” And I did what any faithful girlfriend would do; I reassured her that was not going to happen. I knew he was out there at that very moment wondering when the hell his princess was going to walk into his life. I mean, there’s no way someone as incredible as Nicole would be single her whole life.

And, for the record, I was right!

Dave is awesome. He looks at her the way a man should look at his woman. He makes her comfortable. He makes her laugh. And, boy can he dance!

I know it meant a lot to our friends that Mike and I left our girl at home to share their day with them. And it meant a lot to us that they acknowledged the significance of our presence. Of course, it was a beautiful wedding but what made it so great was that it had one special ingredient that unfortunately too many wedding days are missing. The bride and groom were having a ball! It was their night and they owned it!

By the next morning, we were rushing to the airport but not because we were late. On the contrary, after two days away, we were desperate for slobbery kisses from our girls. We missed them like mad and we weren’t afraid to admit it to each other. Because no matter how much fun we had being 27 again, in that moment, we wanted more than anything to get back to reality. I was ready to put my electric blue stilettos back on the shelf and bust out my nursing bras once again. And Mike, he was chomping at the bit to change a dirty diaper and pick up a Lola poo.

Okay…maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit.

But the highlight of the weekend happened in that split second before we got out of the car to pick up the babies. My husband leaned over, looked deep into my eyes, and laid one last smooch on me. The perfect ending to a perfect trip.

I know it’ll be a little while before we dance the night away or giggle through the streets of San Francisco again but that’s okay. Those three days were enough to get us through the sleepless nights and long workdays that lie ahead. They gave us a nice reminder of why we started on this journey together and the opportunity to come back recharged and ready for the adventure ahead.

And so, to the city by the bay, you will always be “our special place” (we even briefly flirted with the idea of naming Savs Francesca and calling her Frankie – pretty cute, huh?) No matter where we go in our lives, you will always be “our” city. The place where we opened our hearts and unveiled our souls to each other. Where we got lost in the romance of your foggy streets, shared secrets, made plans for the future, and relished in the present. Thank you for wrapping us in your embrace and giving us the perfect backdrop to fall in love.

With undying adoration,

Mike and Nic

The Buena Vista – where we celebrated becoming an official “us” six years ago.

Our first apartment – a 600 square foot studio in the Marina.

The spot where we decided to move in together after only six months. The Thai restaurant not the massage parlor.

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