To you, Savannah…at six months.

Happiest baby in the world

My darling babycakes,

6 months, really? I just don’t see how it’s possible that you’ve been on this earth for half a year already! In some ways, it’s as if you’ve always been here; I honestly can’t remember my life before you. But at the same time, I remember the sensation of waiting so patiently for your arrival like it was just yesterday.

Now, when people say, “You don’t look like you just had a baby!” I can no longer puff up my chest with pride and think, “Damn straight! I’m doing a kick ass job at losing that baby weight!” because it’s been six months and frankly, while it may be distributed differently, it’s no longer impressive that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Damn! I was really enjoying those extra compliments.

We started out the month with a great visit from your Grammy and Grampy and Auntie Wawa and Uncle Jeremy. You got to spend some real quality time with all of them and they couldn’t get over how much you’ve changed since they saw you in May. You look at your Grammy and Grampy with such love, it’s as if you know that they’ve already started planning the great adventures you’ll share someday.

It’s also been a month of milestones!

Just last week, we started giving you a little rice cereal each night. I had no intention of starting solids before your 6 month birthday and I was planning to skip cereal altogether and get right down to the good stuff. But, every time we eat you stare at our plates/forks/mouths with this wide-eyed look of curiosity and I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down.

At first, it was a hit. You were all gaga over the new texture and flavor but as the days wore on, you’ve shown less and less interest. I think you’re smart enough to realize that this cereal tastes like soggy paper and decided to hold out for something better. You do, however; love holding your own spoon and trying to make the connection between it and your mouth – and you do a decent job at that. Still, you’re more interested in Lola’s dinner than your own. Here’s hoping that all changes when we introduce avocado tonight!

We also spent our first night away from you. Or, two nights to be exact. You were a trooper although I think your Nona was pretty exhausted by the end of the weekend. To put it simply, when we walked in the door all of your bags were packed and waiting for us in the foyer and she looked WIPED OUT.

You may not have let them sleep much, but your Nona and Poppy had a great time getting their Savannah fix and even offered to do it again sometime – like down the road when you’ve proven you can sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours! Typical grandparents, they put all the blame on me and none on you. I was told that after you spent half the night trying to suck on your Poppy’s arm, I either need to break your habit of “comfort nursing” all. night. long. or else I need to leave my boobie at home next time (apparently, they only need one and are willing to let me take the other one with me. Yikes!).

You also said goodbye to your co-sleeper and a full-time hello to our bed which means it’s like a circus in our bedroom every night. Our plan was to keep you in the co-sleeper until the advertised six months but you outgrew it far earlier than expected. As far as your Dad and I were concerned, there was never a question that you’d stay in our room with us. We definitely don’t sleep as well as we would if you were in your crib, but considering we only get a few precious hours with you each night, it’s well worth it to have you there.

So, here we are. It goes your Dad, Lola, you, and me all in a row. I’m sandwiched between you and the bed rail that frankly, can come down anytime now because you sleep between us and all it’s doing is ensuring I don’t roll out in the middle of the night. Poor Lola rotates around depending on whether she’s feeling cuddly or independent whereas you on the other hand, are not always, but ALWAYS, in physical contact with me. Usually, you scoot yourself over so your entire body – head to toe – is against me but sometimes you’re content with just a foot resting on my abdomen. Just as long as that single foot is in contact with me 24/7, you’re all good.

Like I said, it’s a circus and every night before bed, we end up laughing at the situation we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Speaking of sleeping arrangements, we’ve also officially retired your swaddle bag. I know some babies didn’t care to be swaddled but you absolutely adored it from day one. A while back you were showing signs that you wanted a little more freedom so I opened up your arms but kept your legs under wraps. Then one night it was crazy hot so I decided to bite the bullet and let you go without it and you slept great. And it’s been history ever since. You kick the hell out of me all night but I’m learning to adjust to the extra abuse.

As if all this wasn’t change enough, you’ve also started a new school. Your Dad got a great new job and they have a top of the line childcare facility in the lobby of his building. It hurt my heart to take you out of a school I loved but nothing beats having you right there with him everyday. The transition has gone pretty smoothly and I think you are both enjoying this extra father-daughter bonding time each day.

It’s been a crazy month for all of us but you have amazed me at how you just roll with the punches. Your smile is infectious and I swear, one of my favorite sights is seeing you grin in your sleep. It melts my heart every time.

Now that we’ve both settled into the work/daycare routine, I’m feeling really great about how it’s going. By the end of the week, I am so thrilled to spend two whole days with you and by Monday morning I’m excited for us both to get back to our individual adventures. I miss you like crazy but holding you in my arms, laughing together, and inhaling that baby scent each night is the perfect reward at the end of a long workday. I feel so confident that this “working mom” thing is going to turn out just fine for both of us!

6 Months At A Glance

Weight: 16 pounds, 12 ounces – 70th percentile

Length: 27 inches – 90th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: You now straighten your arms completely during tummy time so you’re in an upward dog position. This move really demonstrates your strength. And you can almost sit unassisted. In fact, you do exactly that but only for a few seconds before toppling over. You’re also starting to make all sorts of new sounds, pairing your syllables and consonants. I know you’ll be making real, true words before we know it. You also reach for your books when we read together at bedtime. You’re much more interested in the pictures and seem to understand that the words coming out of my mouth have something to do with the object in my hand. And you’re officially a “playful” baby and you enjoy all of your toys, teething rings, lovies, etc.

Likes: Music. Our music or the music from the mobile in the car or your toys. It doesn’t matter. Petting your Lola or pulling on her ears (thank God she’s so tolerant), the sight of anyone eating, having your feet and neck kissed, and getting massages. Fresh air – you are an outdoor baby and you love the breeze blowing in your face!

Dislikes: You still don’t like being alone. And, I think you’re teething which is making you extra clingy lately. In fact, nowadays you could be happy as a clam occupying yourself but if you catch me leaving the room out of the corner of your eye, boy oh boy, do you let out a scream.

Nicknames: Same same – Bonzo, Pooz, Savs, Savi Girl, Bubbles, Babycakes, and Mommy.

Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Girl! We love you to the moon and back!


Your mama


Teething much?


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