Hey there, girl face.

This post is a few days late but I think you’ll forgive me. I have a good excuse – It’s been a whirlwind of a month with the move but I’ll get into that another time. Let’s just say, we were squatting at your grandparents for a few weeks and living out of boxes for the rest of the time. Shockingly, you’ve rolled with the punches quite well and I’m amazed at your adaptability. Now, if only your Mommy and Daddy handled change that well!

I know I say it every month but this has been my favorite so far. You are so alert and interactive, we are having a blast. You are an incredibly affectionate baby and I really hope you stay that way for a long time. You love to be held, rocked, hugged, and kissed and it makes us all feel so special when you melt into our arms.

You are also very curious. You watch everything that’s going on and your little head is constantly rotating around to follow sound or movement. You have this look of wonder in your eyes and I know that when you start talking you’re going to challenge us with a million questions about why things are the way they are. We better start practicing our answers to some of the tough ones!

Like I said, we stayed with your grandparents for two whole weeks and I actually think they were sad to see us leave. They are officially obsessed with you – not that we’re surprised. In fact, they kept you home from school on two separate occasions and the days you went, they walked around asking when you’d be home every five minutes. They were planning to keep you for only the morning but somehow or another you worked your charm and got to play hooky all day. You napped with your Poppy, snuggled outside with your Nona, and literally held court for us all each night.

You’re now in your second month at your new school and you’ve settled right in. I think you adore having your Dad right upstairs and I know he loves coming down to check on you throughout the day. You guys are so cute when you head out in the morning; it makes me smile every time. It was a tough adjustment for me to give up my role as your “primary parent” when it came to daycare but your Dad is doing a great job and I think he likes the extra responsibility. He does call and text me periodically with questions or concerns. For instance, one morning he called because you took a massive dump and he thought maybe something was wrong with you (turns out you were a little backed up from the solids in your diet and had 3 days worth to get out of your system). But, all in all, he’s doing great at this role and I’ve gotten nothing but positive reviews from the ladies at daycare – he’s a great Daddy.

You have also charmed the pants off all your “teachers.” Because it’s so infrequent, they get alarmed when you have a fussy day and immediately feel the need to attribute it to something – teething, constipation, etc. I believe that we all just have bad days sometimes but they’re so used to seeing you smile that they can’t believe you’re anything but happy 24/7. Actually, I think they worry after you more than I do. Every time I’ve walked in to see you, you’re smiling from ear to ear, playing with some new toy, or nuzzling up against someone. I’m really happy with our choice in daycare – even though I was incredibly happy with your first school too. More than anything, I’m just so thankful that initial adjustment phase is over. While I still think about you all day and literally, feel like a piece of my heart walks out the door with you each morning, I no longer worry about what you’re doing or if you’re okay. you are just fine!

You are a good eater, baby girl. Not that I’m surprised. You literally came out of the womb ready to suckle. We’ve gone through the whole gamut of “first foods” and you’ve liked everything you’ve tried. Except avocados. It’s kind of hilarious actually considering how much guacamole we consume in this family but maybe they’ll grow on you. Some of your favorites are apples – you make the cutest lip-smacking noise with each bite – carrots, and bananas. Mealtime has become one of my favorite times of day and while I don’t get to eat much, you have a grand ‘ole time. You love holding your own spoon, using your sippy cup, and being in control of the situation to the best of your ability.

Mornings have become quite a pleasurable occasion in our household and that’s all because of you. Even your Nona who is notorious for not being a morning person, loves waking up bright and early to see you when you’re at your best. As you wake up you make this breathy noise and I like to call you my little velociraptor because that’s the best way to describe it. You also always wake up with a smile on your face. In fact, sometimes you’re even smiling before you open your eyes which is possibly the cutest thing ever. It’s like you know that a new day awaits you and you just can’t wait!

You are beginning to communicate with us. In addition to your constant babbling, you make this motion with your hands to let us know that you’re getting frustrated or bored. It’s almost like you’re revving a motorcycle. You open and shut your hands repeatedly. Your grandpa calls it your “tell” and after it starts, we have about 30 seconds before you begin to vocally express your displeasure.


7 Months At A Glance

Weight: 18 lbs. 4 ozs. – 75th percentile

Length: 28 inches – 95th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: You are a mover and shaker, kiddo. You scoot around on your back and would probably make it clear to another town if a piece of furniture didn’t get in your way. You also sit upright and love, love, love standing on our laps. You pass your toys from one hand to another and reach for absolutely everything. Twice in one week, you reached for a glass of wine and knocked it all over the place. Like mommy, like baby. Yikes!

Likes: Toys! All these great toys I got at my baby shower are finally making an appearance. You love chewing, shaking, and throwing everything you get your hands on. You also really like the stationary entertainer your Auntie Wawa got you although it doesn’t entertain you quite as long as we were hoping it would. I think it’s still just a novelty but soon to be a lifesaver for us. You love being held – as always, sleeping in between us at night, getting rocked, and “talking” to your Nona. You also really enjoy getting kissed – on your face, feet, neck, belly. It doesn’t really matter. You giggle every time. You also love to have your picture taken – like the minute someone pulls an iPhone out and points it in your direction you stop what you’re doing and start smiling. It’s kind of creepy actually.

Dislikes: Shocker…You still don’t like being alone. The minute we leave your sight, you let us know that you are not okay with the arrangement. We rush back to your side although I’m trying to play more “peek-a-boo” to teach you about object permanence and the whole concept that I will, in fact, return! For now though, it’s a little maddening. Your Dad has questioned if this is a result of us spoiling you but I’ve explained that all babies go through this phase and it, too, shall pass.

Nicknames: All the usual plus the latest fave has been Banana Face.

I love you like crazy, little mama. I feel sad sometimes that with all the craziness, these last couple of months have just flown by and we don’t even know what happened. But, I promise you (and Lola too), we are officially slowing down for a while. It’s going to be all about our little family from now on. We’re even taking a road trip for your Poozle’s birthday which should be really fun!

Thanks for being such a doll all the time. You make life absolutely grand, sweet girl!


Your mama

Outtakes from this month – take note, the chalkboard is a real obstacle now since you can’t leave anything in one place for long:


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