PJ Sunday

This is the way our first official PJ Sunday started out…not a bad sight to wake up to, huh?

I’ve started a new tradition in our household and I’m calling it PJ Sunday. Unless we have plans to be somewhere, we are not getting out of our PJ’s for one entire day of the week. By avoiding the temptation to get dressed, we will resist the urge to run errands or take care of business and Sunday will officially become a “day of rest.”

We started this tradition this past weekend and it was glorious. After waking up early enough to work out and hit the grocery store, we showered and put clean PJ’s “back on” and spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch, eating snacks, playing with Savs, and watching football. We even napped for a half hour while Savannah played with her blocks on the floor in front of us.

A mid-day nap? That’s unheard of nowadays!

But I’ll admit, old habits are hard to break. By 3:00 we were getting restless so we packed up and headed out to explore our new dog park which is just a couple of blocks away (woo hoo!). Lola had a blast checking out her new digs and making new friends. So much so that she didn’t even mind that a chocolate lab snatched her tennis ball.

On the way home, we met some neighbors (Thank God we showered and looked somewhat presentable even if we were still in PJ’s) and learned that our neighborhood is quite social. We stood in the middle of the street for a half hour and were greeted by babies, dogs, and all sorts of friendly people. For a minute we actually forgot that we live in California and thought we’d been transplanted to some small town in the middle of the country – you know, where everyone knows your name and stuff!

All in all, PJ Sunday was a huge success and I’m looking forward to many more in the future!

3 thoughts on “PJ Sunday

  1. Good luck with that plan…you guys are always so busy it’ll be fun to see how long you can do it. Oh I forgot isn’t sunday an open day for anyone to drop in for football?? Do we come in Pj’s?

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