Holidays with Savannah


We had a great, albeit very busy, holiday season. In fact, December seemed to fly by like a flash but looking back, we did a pretty good job of relishing our first Christmas and New Year’s with the nugget.

We went to Williamsburg to celebrate Christmas with Mike’s family. Savi had a wonderful time bonding with her Auntie Wawa, making faces with her Grampy, holding staring contests with Uncle Cheerio, and cuddling with Grammy. We were only there for four days and flew home Christmas night but we managed to pack in a lot of holiday cheer and family time into our short visit.

This was her second experience on a plane and while it was way easier when she was four months old, it wasn’t as rough as I expected it to be. She’s at an age where she gets restless easily and needs to be constantly occupied so sitting still was a bit of a challenge. We coughed up the extra dough to purchase a third seat for Savannah and that proved to be a lifesaver. She didn’t sit in her carseat much but the extra space was great and it saved some poor soul from having to sit with us for four very long flights.

We returned home for two days where we celebrated a mini Christmas in our house – just the four of us. Beginning last year, Mike started making an annual donation to Oceana in Savannah’s honor and she gets an adorable stuffed animal as a keepsake. Last year it was a sea turtle and this year a polar bear. It’s his special gift to her each year and I just know it’s going to grow into a wonderful tradition. I got her a special pair of Christmas pj’s which she didn’t really seem to notice but will hopefully, look forward to opening on future Christmas Eves.

After our little break, we headed up to Big Bear for New Year’s and a belated Christmas celebration with my family. We love retreating to the mountains and had a great time doing absolutely nothing but lying around, watching movies, eating, and visiting with family. We considered a day of skiing but the slopes were pretty packed and frankly, we just got lazy. Savannah ambushed her Nona and Poppy every morning and enjoyed some bonding time with her cousin – who is proving to be a great babysitter!

New Year’s Eve was pretty hilarious. We started the night watching the traditional torch run down Bear Mountain which was beautiful but by 8:00 Savannah and I were out for the count. My sister fell asleep shortly thereafter and Mike ended up spending the rest of the night playing games, listening to music, and hanging out with my parents and niece. He woke me up at about 11:57 and I mustered a “Happy New Year!” and a smooch before crawling into bed. All in all, not our most memorable NYE celebration but certainly, one of the best because it was our first with Banana Face.

The holidays are always such a busy time of year and it’s easy to let them pass without stopping to reflect on the beauty of life. We had a truly remarkable 2012 – I think I can speak for Mike when I say it was our best year yet collectively, and individually. We are so lucky to have a beautiful, healthy, and smart baby girl, a wonderful new home close to family and friends, careers we love and companies we’re proud to be a part of, healthy, supportive families, and of course, the most delightful furbaby on the planet.

We hope your holiday season was as blessed as ours. Cheers to a bright and hopeful 2013.


Mike and Nic

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