To you, Savannah…at 10 months


Dear Baby,

When I was a kid my “double-digit” birthday was such a big deal. In fact, I was looking forward to it even more than my 13th birthday which is more of a traditional milestone. There was just something about 10 that seemed like it was a turning point in my life. I realize that 10 months is very different from 10 years but nevertheless, I look at you today and you are so different from the baby we met just last March.

You are a big girl in every sense of the word.

This was a very eventful month for us. We spent the holidays visiting your Grammy and Grampy in Virginia. You traveled well even though it did involve four flights and two full days of airports, cars, and planes. You actually took your first “real” crawl in the Atlanta airport during a layover. We really didn’t want to put you on that nasty ground but you’d been in our arms or your carseat and stroller for so long you were desperate for some independence. So, I set you on the floor of the airport terminal and you literally took off. Fortunately, we had the video camera ready and caught the whole thing on film.

And you haven’t stopped moving since.

You had a lot of family time between Christmas in Virgina and NYE in Big Bear with your Nona and Poppy. Fortunately, you love people because we passed you around like a hot potato. Only toward the end of the week did you clearly hit your breaking point but I think that’s bound to happen to the best of us.

You are teething like mad but your little chompers are resistant to pop through. Your gums are so swollen and red and you’re drooling and chewing on everything in sight yet those uppers are still holding out. We’re all on pins and needles waiting for some progress so you (and we) can get a minute of relief from the nagging pain. Still, you are managing pretty well. I’d say you’re middle of the road when it comes to handling teething. It’s no walk in the park but you’re not screaming all night long either. Fortunately, we have some holistic drops that seem to help a little.

You received a lot of toys for Christmas and you’re not quite sure which one to explore first. You got a new walker and that’s been a hit for all of us. You can now be part of the action without actually being in our arms allowing us to get a lot more done. Your toy box is literally overflowing with stuff yet you manage to gravitate straight towards Lola’s balls and rubber bones every time. Likewise, she’s lost all interest in her toys and made a habit of sneaking off with on your bright, plastic, musical baubles every chance she gets. Ah…kids.

With the holiday break, I had a chance to maximize my cuddling time with you and you’ve been a bit clingy ever since. I’m not sure if it’s just the phase you’re in, the teething, or the fact that you had me all to yourself and then went back to daycare but I don’t really mind. I know these moments are fleeting so I’m taking advantage of the fact that you’re a mama’s girl right now.

My all time favorite moments of the day are still bedtime. You nurse while staring intently into my eyes. Your little hands and feet go crazy – searching, searching, searching for the warmest, coziest spot they can find against my body. You literally cling to me all night long and it’s pretty sweet. It’s been really cold here so I don’t mind the extra body heat one bit.

Sometimes, Lola decides she wants to lay in your spot and you guys kind of duke it out in the middle of the night. Your father and I end up sitting up at 3:00 in the morning laughing at the two of you and how you’ve managed to take over the entire king size bed yet still fight for more room. For lack of a better term, it’s a shit show. And I love it!

Speaking of Lola, now that you are moving around independently, she’s not quite sure what to make of you. She wants to play so bad and most of the time you do really well together. Still, she’s a true “bully” breed and doesn’t know her own strength so she’s knocked you over a few times on accident. And, sometimes when you’re in a cranky mood you just start crying whenever she gets within three feet of you. I think you are both still working out the ground rules for the lower three feet of our world but I have confidence that with time and patience, we’ll figure out a solution to your territory disputes.

Following bedtime, I adore mornings. We take our time waking up while Daddy gets ready for work. You stretch, smile, and we lay in bed taking advantage of our 10 minutes of “found” time. You make these awesome breathy sounds and I refer to you as my little velociraptor. You fart, burp, and get all your morning sounds out. I’ve never been a morning person before but I crack up at you every single day. It’s the best!

We get dressed, I take you down and put you in the car, hand you your Frosty, wrap you “like a burrito,” tell you “I love you like crazy,” and then you and Daddy are off to start your day. From there, I have my coffee, get ready for work, and that’s that. Like I said, it’s never happened before but mornings have become a glorious time in our household.

You start swim lessons this weekend! Everyone thinks we’re crazy for doing this so early but since we never enrolled you in any Mommy and Me groups, I’ve been very eager to start some sort of organized play time. We also learned that you and the other babies had quite a finger painting session at school last week. Apparently, you were all seated in a circle wearing nothing but your diapers exploring the paint for quite a while. Eventually, you took it upon yourself to entertain the group by crawling into the middle of the circle and letting them all paint you. Our little social butterfly!

Your hair is growing in fuller and darker although you’re still my blond baby. Pretty soon, you’ll have long enough locks for me to go crazy with the hair accessories. You are all girl and while you probably don’t have a clue yet, I think you like getting all dolled up. You are terribly curious right now and literally, have no fear so if we’re not careful, you’re going to nose dive right off the couch or bed one day soon.

Your little hands and feet remain my favorite parts of your body. You love getting kisses on your feet and being tickled everywhere. The rolls on your thighs are still in full effect making us laugh every time you’re naked. You have a nickname at daycare – “Kardashian Baby.” I guess there had been a lot of discussion about the Kardashian size of your booty until recently when they saw you in a disposable diaper for the first time and realized it’s just your cloth diapers that make your butt look so big.

Our big adventure lately has been the wonderful world of dining. I have to admit, I’ve been slow to introduce finger foods to you. I don’t really know why but I suspect I’m overthinking it too much. You do great with mummums and cheerios and now you’re eating cheese, fruit, and pasta. Still, I am too dependent on “baby food” and reluctant to feed you directly from our plates. She’ll deny it but your Nona has made me a bit paranoid about choking so maybe that’s it. I also think that there’s some sort of special formula I’m supposed to follow about when to try different foods and I’m paranoid the world will end if I get something out of order.

In reality though, you’ve yet to have a reaction to anything we’ve given you and you’ve now had pretty much every fruit and vegetable out there except strawberries and citrus. I did learn from Miss Han that you are trying to steal the other children’s food at school and they feel you’re ready to sample their menu of finger foods now. Oops…my bad! I’m glad they brought it to my attention though and I’m eager to see how this next stage goes for you!

Oh, Banana Face, I know I say it every month but you really do make us happy! You are this little beacon of light and no matter what sort of day we’ve had, you shine bright and light up the room, baby girl. Your Daddy and I had a date last weekend and after a delicious sushi dinner, we went to see a couple of bands play at this little club by our house. We were having a ball however we still found ourselves scrolling through the pictures and videos on our iPhones during the intermission. Finally, your Dad looked over at me and said, “What do you say we hit it and go pick up our Bonzo?” I was so relieved that he said it first because I was thinking the same thing! We blamed our early night on the fact that we were both under the weather but we all know we just missed you too much. On the drive home, we agreed that it’s definitely easier when you spend the night at Nona and Poppy’s. The temptation to pick you up early is too much for us and gets us every time.

10 Months At A Glance

Weight: 20 lbs 10 ozs – 65th percentile

Length: 30 inches – 95th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: Crawling like a speed racer, standing with assistance, letting go periodically, eating finger foods, sleeping for longer durations, and putting yourself back to sleep without assistance.

Likes: Going to the grocery store, meeting new people, trying new foods, torturing Lola, exploring new spaces and sensations. You still love baths and getting wrapped like a burrito. You love to hold hands, play footsie, and cuddle.

Dislikes: You still hate having your face washed which is a bit of a problem since you are a very messy eater. You also hate putting on clothes that involve sleeves or having your hands touched when you’re in the middle of playing with something. You’re not a fan of getting in and out of the carseat although now that we’ve installed your new, roomier seats it’s a bit better. You’ve also grown to despise hats which is awesome since it’s been so cold here.

Nicknames: Bubbles, Banana Face, Pooz, Poppy, Mommy, Babycakes, Savi, Savs, and Sweet Pea

Thank you so much for being you. Wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, you. Keep smiling, sweet girl, and remember, you are loved.

Love always,

Your Mama






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