It’s good to be back.


I feel like I’ve been spinning out of control for the past few months.

Oh, who am I kidding? All of 2013 has been pretty much insane!

Work took over my life and between splitting my time telecommuting (read: logging in twice as many hours as I ever did going into an office everyday) and driving up to work (3 hours each way), precious moments to myself were few and far between. As a result, this little blog, and my sanity, really suffered.

But, I started a new job – closer to home, with more reasonable hours (for now at least) – and so I’m hoping that means I can carve out more time to write about the things that matter most to me – like my little family!

I owe you a 15 month Savannah update as well as very belated recap of her first birthday and my musings on leaving a job I loved for one that’s still yet to be determined. I promise those are on their way.

Until then, thanks for sticking with me through the madness. It’s good to be back.



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