A Lucky Charm First Birthday


I’ll admit it. I started planning Savannah’s first birthday party while I was still in the hospital. In my defense though, it took her 21.5 hours to arrive so I had a lot of time on my hands!

When we found out we were having a St. Patty’s Day baby there was no way we could skip the opportunity to throw a big celebration. Of course it ended up being way more work than I expected but totally worth every minute. Thank God my family was around to work their creative magic on the decorations and I’m so grateful that my in-laws came to town and helped out with the food. In fact, I had a dozen worker bees all around me so all I had to do was come up with the vision and deliver a happy, healthy baby on the big day.

All in all, the Lucky Charm Themed 1st Birthday was a huge success. We had a great showing of family and friends, the weather was beautiful, and our girl was her usual “charm”ing self. I think the cake cutting moment was a little too high pressure for Savs so we improvised by removing her from the spotlight and she (literally) ate it up! It actually made for a really great Mommy-Daughter moment in the day.

I’m so glad we celebrated Savannah’s first year of life with all of the people we love. They say “it takes a village to raise a child” and I would have to agree. It certainly took Mike and I a village to get through our rookie year of parenthood and we are so grateful for all of the love, patience, and support we received. This celebration was just the icing on the cake!

IMG_0844 IMG_0755 IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0741 IMG_0718 IMG_0770 IMG_0831 IMG_0780 IMG_0834 IMG_0899 IMG_0756

IMG_0739 IMG_0853 IMG_0775 IMG_0824


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