To you, Savannah…at 15 months.


My sweet, sweet, Banana Face.

After your first birthday, I decided to reduce these monthly letters to once a quarter but I have to say, I’ve missed the opportunity to sit down and reflect on all your changes each month. I’ve been keeping notes in my phone so that I wouldn’t lose track of all the memorable moments but it’s still hard to imagine summarizing the past three months in just a handful of paragraphs.

Bear with me as I do my best.

Since your first birthday you’ve been a busy little bee. You are literally moving all the time unless you’re sleeping, eating, or cuddling. You started to walk at 14 months and while I kept thinking you were a little late by comparison to other babies, I’m discovering you are actually pretty on par with your peers. You are steady on your feet and the sound of your pitter patter has become a gentle reminder that we officially have a toddler in our midst. Lola shadows you shadowing us so it’s pretty much standard that your Dad and I are accompanied by two little beings wherever we go.

Recently, there were two moments where I realized I’ve officially lost all sense of “self” in this equation:

There was the first time I went to the bathroom with you and Lola sitting a foot away staring at me intently followed closely by the moment I opened my eyes in the shower and saw both your little faces smashed right up against the glass as if you were dying to get in with me.

Yeah, privacy has completely gone out the window in our household. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

You have developed into the most incredible little being. You are at times bold, confident, and very, very loud. You are also a quiet observer, taking it all in and calculating exactly where you want to fit into the equation. When you get around other kids mommies often remark that you are so “mellow” and I have to say, I agree. I think it’s a combination of spending your days surrounded by other children along with the fact that we’ve been blessed with a very happy baby from day one. I wouldn’t say you are clearly dominant or submissive but that you really alternate between the two based on the situation and your surroundings.

You love to laugh and you’re quite the comedian, taking great pleasure in making us all crack up. You are usually holding court whether it’s for mommy and daddy or the whole family and that’s exactly how you like it. There’s no doubt you enjoy being the center of attention. You are also a total girl and you love shoes – yours, mine, or daddy’s – and hair bows. You brush your hair every morning and smile from ear to ear when we look at the “pretty baby in the mirror.”

You have 8 teeth, 4 of which all came in at the same time about a month ago. It was a really rough few weeks but in hindsight, I’m glad we knocked them out in one shot. Unfortunately, you’ve also been hit with a series of ear infections and an endless array of colds so you’ve been on an off antibiotics for months. It’s been an interesting experience for me to learn how to trust my instincts and not rush to the doctor for every little thing. We’re getting to know you better and I feel like we’re beginning to master the art of reading your moods, cries, and laughter and interpret each of their meanings.

You have a baby and you love her! Like L-O-V-E love. She goes to bed with you every night and you carry her around wherever you go. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. You are usually very gentle and maternal with her, giving her kisses and loves and pushing her around in her stroller. But, being the little devil you are, you have also been known to throw her across the room in a fit of anger. We’re still working on it but you’re getting better and better everyday.

You are also a chatty little bird. You say all sorts of words like Ball, Lola, Nona, Pop, Dog, Baby, More, Frog and of course, Dada and Mama and the infamous NO. You also speak your own language and chatter to yourself all the time – in the car, in the stroller, as you fall asleep, etc. It seems only Daddy can communicate with you in your super secret language and it’s really cute to watch you guys have a conversation.

You’ve been using your imagination more and more everyday. We have tea parties and picnics and you love to serve us and watch us pretend to eat with you. You do an excellent job of making a mess but I have to admit, you’re pretty good about cleaning up most of the time too. We practice every night so hopefully, you’re starting some good habits.

This is also a bit of a challenging phase for us because you know what you want but still struggle to communicate it. Your vocabulary is pretty good for your age but that still doesn’t mean you always have the ability to let us know how to help you. As a result, there’s been a lot of biting and hitting going on – especially with me for some reason. You are also at a point where you LOVE to throw food at Lola from your high chair which is one of my pet peeves and so we’ve had to end many a meal prematurely which really pisses you off. Discipline has been the name of the game for us since you turned 1 and I have to say, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Still, I know we need to stick with our guns and follow through with our punishments even if it would be easier to just let you off the hook. Let’s just hope we get through this stage quickly!

We’ve done so many fun things these past few months. You had your first “big kid” trip to the beach and spent the entire day playing in the sand and the water. In fact, we came home and you literally had sand in every crevice – just like kid outta. You’ve been to park and played on the swings and the slides. You’ve been back to Teddy Bear Mountain and also enjoyed lots of barefoot evenings in our backyard. We got you your first inflatable pool and taken lots of walks around the canyon behind our house. You’ve made new friends – big and small – and taken great strides at school helping to develop your outdoor classroom. More than anything, you have brought us great joy and laughter every minute of every day.

15 Months At A Glance

Weight: 23 lbs 13 ozs – 70th percentile

Length: 32 1/4 inches – 85th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: Walking, kissing (like the best kissies ever!), hugging, drinking out of an open cup, using a fork, talking, climbing stairs, playing make believe, problem solving, washing yourself

Likes: Being outdoors, sleeping, other kids, animals, your baby, blocks, your teapot and picnic basket, and books (especially The Belly Button Book, Moo Baa La La La, and On the Night You Were Born)

Dislikes: Waking up, having your face washed or your diaper changed, putting pants on (what’s up with that?)

Nicknames: Banana Face, Bananza, Poppy, Mama, Mommy, Babycakers, Savs, Savi, Baby Vannah, and my new favorite, Bug.

Savannah Marie, you continue to amaze us everyday. It’s hard to believe my love for you can grow any stronger but it seems the more time we spend together the more my heart swells. You are funny, kind, strong, smart, curious, and loving. I can’t wait to continue learning lessons from you and experiencing our “firsts” as a family. Thank you for all you are and all you are becoming.

You are loved.

Beyond measure.

Your Mama


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